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big and heavy 2yr and half year old boy , can he legally use a high back booster car seat with seat belt ?

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Mocheenee Thu 03-Jul-14 13:07:53

I am confused. My boy is a very big and heavy two year old. Can I legally put him in a high back graco booster seat that uses the seat belt only ie no 5 point belt ? The uk site says nothing about the legalities of the number of straps....
need to know quite urgently as he is much too big for his current seat.
help please !

Jackie0 Thu 03-Jul-14 13:11:17

I'd like to know the answer to this to.
Are you asking because he is physically too big for the child seat?

Purpleroxy Thu 03-Jul-14 13:14:27

It would be preferable to out him in a combination seat but I believe it is legal to out him in the hbb. I had to when my ds was 2 as the combination seat did not fit my car.

rainbowfeet Thu 03-Jul-14 13:14:36

It is to do with the weight not age of the child. My friends dd is tiny & still in a stage 2 with 5 point harness because they were told if the car breaks sharply a booster & her would be thrown forward & obviously heaven forbid an accident with a shunt from behind could be very nasty.

Mothercare are generally excellent with these facts & figures.

stargirl1701 Thu 03-Jul-14 13:15:08

Why not phone the In Car Safety Centre? They will know and be able to offer lots of advice.

rainbowfeet Thu 03-Jul-14 13:16:27

Sorry should have said she is aged 5.

My ds has a seat that converts from harness to car seat belt with padding inserts to make a snigger fit & then take them out when he's older.

addictedtosugar Thu 03-Jul-14 13:26:43

How much does he weigh?
That is the deciding factor.

Mocheenee Thu 03-Jul-14 20:57:48

Thank you all for reply. He weighs arond 2 stone and his current seat is now very snug. He likes to climb into the seat hy himself, and he is so tall that he is banging his head on the car ceiling, so a hbb would obviously be lower -a huge bonus as I struggle to lift him now and am more than happy to let him climb in each time.

addictedtosugar Thu 03-Jul-14 21:16:41

2 stone is just under 13 kg. The min weight for a booster is 15kg, so he needs to stay where is is for a bit. Ideally til nearly 3stone (18kg), but he must, must must be over 15kg before you move him.

Mocheenee Thu 03-Jul-14 21:28:31

I agree that I can't take the risk, my husband now says he thinks Peter weighs more than 2 stone . We have no weighing scales at home, so i think a trip to Boots to weigh him is required ! Actually, I have a mothercare store nearby so will try them too? I was hoping to move him into his sisters hbb as she can 100 %now use a cushion booster. Times are hard so I did not want to be forced to buy a new one for just a few weeks use....

sovgrateful for your help. The strap issue is still very grey I think. When he does reach 15kg, can he use a non harness hbb ?

addictedtosugar Fri 04-Jul-14 08:18:44

Yes, over 15kg, he can use a HBB.
He can continue to use the 5point harness seat until 18kg.

You've mentioned your childs name. if you didn't mean to do that, you can report your post, and MNHQ will often amend it for you.

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