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Car seat with floor support bar versus underfloor storage. Is it safe to have both??

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LuckyOwl28 Wed 25-Jun-14 17:17:00

Hi all!

Have been researching cars for months as we are about to have our second baby and need more space!

We currently have a BEsafe Izi isofix which we're really happy with, but the cars we are looking at (including Ford C-max and Renault Scenic MPV) have underfloor storage boxes which the support can't be rested on.

Does anyone else have these cars and any advice on how to get round this issue? Have read vague reports of getting polystyrene fillers but doesn't sound 100% safe.

Any advice would be appreciated smile

AliceMum09 Fri 27-Jun-14 21:28:49

BeSafe do recommend that you can use fillers, so that would be ok. I don't think you even need to have a proper filler supplied by the manufacturer (I've heard of people trying to get fillers from Ford and Volkswagen and the sales people not having a clue what they were on about!), you can just use polystyrene from a DIY shop. But I would contact BeSafe about that just to be sure.

You can also just open the lid of the storage box and extend the support leg down to the bottom of it. But I guess that wouldn't work with the BeSafe because of it's 'Y' shaped support leg (I don't think it would fit inside the storage boxes)

There is quite a useful message board here and I'm sure there are people on there who drive the cars you are looking at. The owner of also posts on there and is very helpful.

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