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Would you buy a Doona car seat ?

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skippingthroughthefarm Sun 15-Jun-14 16:34:19

Saw this in the news lately and immediately turned to mumsnet to see what people were saying and couldn't find anything so im starting this threadsmile
The Doona is a 0-12 car seat that has a folding out buggie base on it and an extendable handle to push it. it costs a whopping £299 with very few credentials to back up the price like you would get with a maxi cosi,britax,graco etc i personally wouldn't use it because of the 2hrs maximum in a car seat i wouldn't think it safe and how heavy it looks in the video. what does everyone else think of it though pro's and con's ?

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CuttingOutTheCrap Fri 20-Jun-14 11:27:16

I saw this video this morning and also wondered what MN thought! grin I'm very impressed with the concept, but certainly wouldn't see it as a replacement for a 'proper' system with lie flat for 0-6 months.

That said, I can see how this could be an ideal solution for some situations - eg DH and I will alternate drop-off and pick up for childcare in two different cars when I go back to work. We were intending to buy a second carseat and isofix to accommodate that - this system wouldn't cost 'much' more than what we'd planned to but, but has the benefit of the wheels, so if DH wanted to pop into the shop after picking DC up on the way home he'd have a pram to do so, without having a second bulky system to store at home. It would also be much easier than a lot of systems if you were to take it on a plane. Possibly also a good choice for lending to relatives/child minder for short trips out etc - again - much more compact than a full system, as long as DC won't be in it for hours?

AshleighMae Mon 07-Jul-14 15:47:22

Having heard about it, I wanted to do some research before I got too excited. There is not much on here so I thought I would share my pros and cons so far...

Lighter than having to carry a car seat around as you can just push it
Don't have to mess around attaching it to a frame and my eldest child won't get impatient of waiting and try wondering off
It's around the same price as other car seats I was looking at (without wheels)
Saves on boot space

I have never heard of this brand (but having looked into it it does pass all safety tests and some of the biggest retailers stock it)

Lucylorezo Tue 12-Aug-14 13:39:58

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KatyUddin Fri 29-Aug-14 12:00:47

Hi. I have my own Doona and I love it. I use it on a daily basis with my smallest. It's not much heavier than normal car seat, but it's much better. Very easy to operate it. Folds and unfolds just with one move. There is also added support for the back of the small babies which can be detached. What I really LOVE about it is that I don't need to worry about place in the bus. Even if there are two buggies in, as soon as the driver listen that it's foldable he let me in and I just fold it and put on the seat so it's good time saver as well bcz I don't need to wait for another bus to go with. It even fits in the space for the luggages in front so no seat required. The two negatives that I found by using this are that it doesn't have a footmuff in the range but any car seat footmuff from amazon or wherever solve this. Another negative is that it doesn't have tray for placing your drink as other standard buggies have. But after all it's really pleasure to use it and I can't even imagine having those car seat buggies with those big constructions. I am in love with Doona and even if I am muslim I don't really mind that the product is Israeli because all I need is to have a product which satisfy my needs. Along with the car seat comes as well registration form so if any fault or calling the product off you would be contacted by the company.

AliceMum09 Sun 31-Aug-14 21:17:44

Just found this online

JellyTipisthebest Mon 01-Sep-14 00:09:21

Looks a good idea for those few times you need a travel system. It would also mean you wouldn't ever need to carry it from house to car. But looking at the review on best buggy I would not use it

TruthSweet Wed 03-Sep-14 22:25:59

I've played with this in Toysrus and I seriously wouldn't use it. Its an amazing concept but the execution is so flawed to my mind its unusable. I've read the Best Buggy review and I completely agree with it.

The harness just didn't fit DD and the way the lap portion of the seat belt cuts down into the space where the baby's legs should be just gives me the heebie jeebies esp. given how a child's body behaves in an accident (rfing children's legs go up and away - bit difficult with a strap in the way).

Tiggywunkle Wed 03-Sep-14 22:26:58

Katy why do you take a Doona on a bus? The Doona is a CAR seat, and is meant to be used in a car. The instructions say to not use the Doona longer than necessary. It certainly is not designed as a replacement for a pushchair - more importantly it is not designed as a replacement for a LIE FLAT pushchair or pram for an under 6 month old.

I feel really strongly that anyone who reads this understands that using a car seat / Doona is not the best option for a young baby.

Newborn babies should be in a car seat for no more than 30 mins, and older babies, no more than 2 hours. But using a car seat at all exposes any child to risks which are not present if you use a lie flat bed. Having your baby lying flat also allows for optimum internal organ growth after being furled up inside the womb.

The Doona itself appears to have safety and baby comfort implications. The photos on Best Buggy speak for themselves.

mumstaxi999 Fri 12-Sep-14 15:02:06

The concept looks very good - but the safety aspect is critical. It has past safety tests and agree the larger retailers are stocking them, so they must be happy, has anyone else bought one of these and are you happy with the safety of the design? Found this website too:

mumstaxi999 Fri 12-Sep-14 15:04:35

I have twins so only practical if out with hub, hmm probably not ideal - they should invent a coupler that joins two together!

RobbsieWobsie Wed 22-Oct-14 11:38:05

I bought this and it is AMAZING!!! Best thing I ever invested in EVER! It's also super useful when travelling in friends cars for a day out as your pram doesn't take up extra boot space that is so often not there and travelling abroad is now so simple as we don't have to worry about hiring/buying a car seat. It's super easy to assemble with a seat belt but we just bought the isofix and gets a blessing sooo simple.

Admittedly it's a bit heavy with baby in it, but what car seat isn't when you have no strength like me. Don't listen to anyone that has issues with the length of time in car seat it has been tested as a seat and pram and as long as you don't leave baby to sleep in it too much, or don't treat it as a bed (I occasionally have been known to so at a restaurant for example). No this pram/car seat is the bomb I wouldn't trade it, well until I have to smile

Tiggywunkle Thu 23-Oct-14 19:54:04

It has been tested as a pram, BUT it only passes because a car seat on wheels automatically passes as a pushchair, if it has already passed car seat testing!
That doesn't make it a pram or a carrycot replacement!!!
Thus normal car seat 'rules' apply which are 30 mins for a newborn, or up to 2 hours for an older baby.

Velvet1973 Thu 23-Oct-14 22:22:14

I can not stand seeing any car seat on wheels no matter if it's this or a normal travel system. A car seat is just that and should remain in the car. I can't believe the amount of idiotic people out there who are willing to risk their child's health and potentially their life for the sake of convenience is astounding.

Leorak Thu 30-Oct-14 10:54:53

I have the doona and I highly recommend it! From leaving the hospital, going shopping, taking the baby for walks to going on holiday, the doona is amazing! My baby absolutely loves it, it's so comfortable and so easy to use. It is worth every penny! I had people stop me on holiday to ask where I got the doona from, I can't tell you how many times I have demonstrated how to use it to other parents who are very interested. Taking it on the plane was amazing, and you don't have to worry aBout a car seat getting to the airport or at your destination. It can get through small spaces and it's a dream to take shopping. You can get an extra storage bag as well that's great for water bottles and any other extras and the doona changing bag attaches so nicely to it. The best accessory I found was the sun shade, so much better then the umbrellas you get, it's nice and shady and my baby loves to snooze in it. It really makes life so much easier. I am a big fan and couldn't recommend it more.

poocatcherchampion Tue 18-Nov-14 07:43:06

I notice the people who rate this product are interested in foot muffs, drinks holders and matching accessories.

people who don't are focussed on safety.

I know which I think is more important.

charlenemartin01 Thu 20-Nov-14 12:44:46

women have been using car seats with their newborns for longer that 30 mins at a time since car seats were invented so all you bubble wrapping mamas need to chill. i believe tho it is however essential and common sense that this should be used with the isofix base. i dont think being able to squeeze your hand into the small space on the harness is an issue. it is holding baby in position and it most definetly will not fall out of this tiny space if there were an accident or it would not have passed safety tests. i would use it for car trips and jumping into the supermarket but would use a lie flat buggy or pram for day trips ect. very handy product if used appropriatly (isofix) and it speaks for its self that its not a buggy replacement, but is great for food shopping trips and nipping in and out to visit reletives or restraunts, as a baby is never in the car seat the entire time as it needs fed and changed ect so it isnt actually in it that entire time.

TarkaTheOtter Thu 20-Nov-14 12:53:15

I think it's an amazing coincidence that all of the positive reviews of this product have only made one post on mumsnet then disappeared.

loulubelle123456 Fri 05-Dec-14 22:48:52

I am a nanny and I was thinking of getting one of these for my job, I only pop in and out of shops and go to groups so would be handy. I have never been a fan of travel systems etc. I have always preferred to set up a pram and make sure baby is comfy and can stretch and move comfortably.. Still umming and ahhingover getting one...

julia65 Mon 08-Dec-14 22:46:07

I brought the Doona in July after ordering from the baby show in May . It is the best thing since sliced bread. After a long walk to school, I have lift home from a relative and do not need to take the big pushchair. It has a well padded out seat and head rest, hence no worries of baby having a flat head. Well worth the 299. But I purchased at the baby show for 240 as special discount of 20%. This car seat is great for a trip to the doctors or hosp or pop to shop for a loaf of bread . Fantastic car seat. I tested long distance walk to relatives too to test the wheels - no problem found. It sits as good as any other bucket car seat in the car - no problem .

EdSheeransGString Mon 08-Dec-14 22:57:49

I can't believe how similar the positive reviews are......

Squtternutbaush Tue 09-Dec-14 13:34:23

In reply to the OP, no I wouldn't.

One of my pet hates is seeing babies hunched up in car seats on pushchairs all day so this being bought for use as a pram with no other option really grates on me.

Its primary purpose of being a car seat fails miserably judging by every independent review I've read and to me safety is far more important than inconvenience.

AliceMum09 Tue 09-Dec-14 20:29:50

Me too, I hate the phrase 'travel system'! A car seat is for the car (the clue is in the name!) and parents should be buying the safest one for their car, then choosing a pram separately.

Tiggywunkle Fri 12-Dec-14 17:15:13

There is more than a tiny space between the harness and the child. It is impossible to pull the harness properly tight on a child. The gap gets larger, as the child gets bigger. A hand gap (and there is more than this on the Doona) is enough to force a child through the harness in the event of a car accident.
TWO fingers is the maximum space there should be between the child and the harness. Otherwise, the child could be forced out in an accident. This is why the Doona is potentially problematic.

I don't know if you have read this post about a mum who had her child in the wrong car seat for his age.

So, this is me, telling you, that the Doona may have lovely changing bags, and bottle holder, but I am concerned enough about the safety of the children that I tried in the Doona, never to use one again, and I would suggest there are better options out there.

Maki79 Wed 17-Dec-14 23:27:08

I'm thinking about getting one of these just for the school run. Dc3 due in July, I gave a fiat 500. Am wondering if it's worth spending the money or just using the sling.

We have a Phil and Teds for buggy use, this would be for getting from house to car to school and back twice a day, with 2 other dc in tow. Any 'real' reviews???

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