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Position of car seats in car.

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stargirl1701 Sat 07-Jun-14 13:19:14

DD (21 months) is erf and currently sits behind the passenger seat. DC2 is due in Aug. Do I put the infant car seat behind the driver or do I move DD to behind the driver (plenty of room) and put the infant car seat behind the passenger seat?

ilovepowerhoop Sat 07-Jun-14 13:44:02

I dont think it really matters who goes where when they are in the back. Depends who you want to see most I suppose.

BertieBotts Sat 07-Jun-14 13:48:24

Hmm not sure. Passenger side is the side which is likely to be on the pavement for getting in/out of the car. So it's whether you want to be messing with pram and baby in the road or letting your toddler out on the road. I'm not sure which would be best?

stargirl1701 Sat 07-Jun-14 15:14:34

I'm not sure either grin I have head rest mirrors in the back and can see both sides.

Does it matter safety wise?

ilovepowerhoop Sat 07-Jun-14 15:17:19

why which one would you like to save most? wink

BadRoly Sat 07-Jun-14 15:17:20

I tended to put the youngest behind me when I had babies/ young toddlers on the basis that the older ones getting out 'independently' opened the door into the pavement.

Now it is much more pot luck and how wash it is to fasten seatbelts!

stargirl1701 Sat 07-Jun-14 15:18:26

Don't ask me that!!!!!gringringringrin

stargirl1701 Sat 07-Jun-14 15:27:26

Found this from RoSPA

HelicopterDad Wed 11-Jun-14 23:31:01

The middle seat is considered to be the safest and so the general advice is to place your least vulnerable child in the middle seat (i.e. the youngest). I follow this rule with my 3 kids. 3 year old in the middle and 5 year old twins either side.

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