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Please recommend me a car seat

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Coffeemonster1 Thu 29-May-14 16:25:14

I have a 3 door astra sri which has bucket style seats which sit slightly at an angle. I think it has isofix but would really like a seat that can be fitted by seat belt too (if possible) so we can use it in the front with the air bag off of course.
Although we have been looking at the Graco nautilus 3 in 1 which looks good but can't find measurments of the base to ensure it fits inside the edges of the seats.
Or is a recaro seat worth paying out for, I was told they were designed for cars with sports seats, or will I just be paying for the brand and nothing more?
Any seats you can recommend? Or anyone with the same car/similar style seats that have found a good fitting seat. One that fits tightly by seat belt and flush against both the bottom and back of the cars seats?

NeedsAsockamnesty Sun 01-Jun-14 09:11:16

You can take your car to a car seat shop and get them to test different seats.

Off the top of my head I think a britax multi way elite fits your requirements (taking into account that you only think you have isofix) but that's a 9kg+ seat ERF seat

Both of these are incredibly good with advising and they don't talk rubbish like the orange store does. Give them a call with your car details and they will tell you what fits

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