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BeSafe Izi Combi X3 Isofix - suitability for infant

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MelisMum Mon 28-Apr-14 19:59:47

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice.

We recently purchased the Izi Combi X3 Isofix (at great expense, as you will know) from Mothercare who happily sold us the seat for our 2-month-old as 'suitable from birth'. We saw the baby in the display version and she looked comfy enough, and I had read great reviews about the seat online. Only after installing the seat tonight and reading the instruction manual did see it notes that the seat is 'recommended from 6 months' . #instertfrustratedfacehere

So what do I do? It says SUITABLE from birth, but RECOMMENDED from 6 months. I'm a new mum and don't have much experience with these things.

We took the baby for a short drive in it, and I sat in the back with her. She looked comfy and even fell asleep. But I'm concerned that she's too upright, putting pressure on her spine and neck.

- do you think it's okay to use sparingly this way, since the manufacturer says it's suitable from birth?
- do you have any advice for making it tilt back further?

Does anyone have any experience with using this seat? Esp with a young child?

I don't want to spend MORE money buying another infant carrier (our current one is not safe enough, in my opinion - hence moving to another seat). And I know we will use the Izi Combi eventually as it gets such great reviews. So I don't regret buying it, I guess - but I wonder what can I do NOW?

Sorry this is long winded. I'm a little deflated after thinking we'd made such a great purchase. Thanks for your advice smile

HelicopterDad Tue 29-Apr-14 10:19:44

This is very naughty marketing and poor sales advice. I have no personal experience of using this seat with a child under 6 months, but it is completely unacceptable to advertise a seat as "ECE R44-04 approved for rear-facing installation group 0+/1: 0 - 18 kg." and then clearly state that it should not be used until your child can sit upright!

You don't expect this sort of nonsense when paying about £350 for a car seat.

I would suggest that you contact the manufacturer and demand an more detailed explanation

HelicopterDad Wed 30-Apr-14 15:32:25

I hope you don't mind, but I emailed the company to ask for clarification and this is their response:

"Thank you for your enquiry.

The seats are approved and safe from Birth however the Infant Carrier/ Baby seat style child car seat specifically designed from birth to 12mths, such as the BeSafe iZi GO is the optimum environment for a newborn so we 'recommend' that, however the other is approved and safe.

Hope that clarifies and apologies for any confusion caused.
Kind regards,

BeSafe UK/ Ireland."

So, you should be fine smile

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