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Group 1 for small twin toddlers/not too bulky/hire car use

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Teds77 Thu 24-Apr-14 11:31:09

I have teeny (but perfectly healthy!) 21 month twins. DTS is probably about 10kgs and DTD is hopefully 9kgs (though will weigh before buying new seats).

We don't have a car so would want something relatively easy to fit to a hire car. I'm happy to buy seats that need bases as long as the bases will fit most cars. Equally happy with seats that fit with a belt. Would also be keen to buy something that doesn't take up too much room in the house/isn't too heavy and bulky etc.

I'm erring towards ERF, though as they are not far off two I'm not against FF. As they are littlies (me and DH are little so likely to stay that way) these seats will probably last a while so am also interested in two way seats. Don't mind cost (too much!). Happy to pay for something that's likely to last a good while.

Thank you!

HelicopterDad Fri 25-Apr-14 01:17:28

Our twins have just outgrown their Britax Duo Plus seats, which are ISOFIX FF Group 1. They were fine, but there are some great new i-Size compliant seats on the market now to extend RF (5 times safer than FF they say).

I love Britax and their best i-size offerings are the DualFix, Max-Fix II & First Class Plus. (prices range from £340 down to about £120).

The DualFix (£340) and Max-Fix II (£275) are ISOFIX and RF to 18kg.

First Class Plus (£120 ish) is Belt-fitted (one pull click and safe - so easy belt-fitting) and RF to 13kg, FF to 18kg.

First Class Plus
Max-Fix II

Good luck

HappyAsASandboy Fri 25-Apr-14 03:46:14

I recommend the Britax Two Way Elite. It is about £220, can rear face or forward face, fits virtually all car with one of its several different belt routings and goes to 25kg so will last a long time.

I have TWE seats in one of our cars for our twins. We have BeSafe IZI Combi seats in the other car, but these are much more bulky, heavier, and don't fit in so many cars as the TWE. They also only go to 18kg.

I would try to keep your DCs rear facing as long as possie. Although they're nearly 2, their neck strength is more likely to be dictated by size than age. Rear facing really is so much safer, and I intend to keep my DC rear facing until 25kg, which will probably be around 6 years for us.

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