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What stage 3 car seat do you use - and why?

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GotAnotherQuestion Fri 11-Apr-14 14:05:23

Oh - and would you choose it again or recommend it?

Littenpojke Fri 11-Apr-14 14:10:50

Watching with interest. What weight /age is stage 3?

Artandco Fri 11-Apr-14 14:15:40

I think stage 3 is 3-12 years.

We Currently use the cybex sirona for our 4 year old. It's newborn -4 ish years rear facing.

However we have just ordered the next stage seat which I believe is stage 3, which is the cybex solution x2 fix. It has isofix fitting or non so fits all cars ( most maybe), reclines a little if needed ie if they fall asleep, great side impact protection, and good head support. It has lots of adjustment so should last all the way through. We ordered as so pleased with the cybex sirona re safety and this one had good reviews.

TheScience Fri 11-Apr-14 14:17:32

We have a Kiddy Guardian Pro for 3.5 year old DS. It was highly rated by Which, will last til he's out of a seat but can also be used from 9kg so useful if I am transporting my toddler nephew anywhere too.

Artandco Fri 11-Apr-14 14:19:58

Oh and the transformer xt pro was close second but too heavy if moving in and out cars as has almost solid shell. Great if its not moving though, but ours needs to go in diff cars and on flights

Ihateparties Fri 11-Apr-14 20:33:35

We have had a britax kidfix, a cybex solution x fix (circa 2010, whatever version that was) a britax adventure, a graco junior maxi, a joie trillo and a couple of jane montecarlos. From what I have read the cybex solution x had the best crash test results so in theory I would go for that of the ones we have had. It's fairly big, if that's not a problem. If you need to fit other seats or two more back seat passengers then of the narrower ones I would go for the montecarlo, the graco is rubbish, the adventure drives me insane (the covers come loose every single time anyone so much as looks at the seat) but is generically pretty okay. Belt access is very easy, which is either very convenient or a nightmare depending on the occupant! We haven't had it long but imo the joie trillo is also a very nice seat, no idea safety data though.

PolterGoose Sat 12-Apr-14 15:42:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

maxybrown Wed 30-Apr-14 20:04:56

We have the concord transformer XT. It is incredibly heavy but it is fabulous, So so happy with it.

We also have a Britax and I find that a right faff compared to the transformer.

DS is much comfier in it too and his head never lolls forward

AliceMum09 Wed 30-Apr-14 23:46:19

I have two Britax Adventure seats, and one Britax Kidfix (just a normal one, nothing with side cushions).

I agree with whoever said that the cover comes off the Adventure if you even so much as look at it! Mine are both kept as spares at the moment, and if I only need to use one of them I pick the oldest one. It's actually badged as an Evolva 2-3, and has a much better cover that stays firmly fixed on! I like these seats because they are a fantastic price (RRP is about £60, but you can always get them on offer for £30-£35) and they are slim and do not have 'horns' by the child's hips so they are good for seatbelt buckle access/fitting 3 child seats in the back of a car.

I like the Kidfix just because I don't have to fasten the seatbelt over it if it is empty, but the kids will sit on either booster and have no preference in terms of comfort.

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