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Looking for opinions on the Be Safe Izi Go.

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OhTheDrama Sat 29-Mar-14 18:45:02

It's really early days for me at moment but just looking around getting ideas. I did think I would go for a maxi cosi seat but I was in a baby shop the other day and I was really taken by the izi go. The thing that swung it for me was the padding and the 5 point harness, it just looked comfier and more robust. There aren't that many reviews online (not as many as the pebble) so I would love to hear from people who have this seat. Do you like it and would you purchase it again?

MoreSkyThanWeNeed Sun 30-Mar-14 16:11:25

I like it - it's easy to clip in car and to put baby in. Feels very secure. My DS however doesn't like it too much because of the padding I think. But he didn't get the 'act like a baby' memo, so I'm sure other peoples' babies don't mind it.
I've not seen many as everyone has a Maxi Cosi round me, but I have no complaints.

Haribolover Mon 31-Mar-14 09:20:05

Have one and pleased with it so far. We had it recommended over Maxi Cosi as it has a 5 point harness so safer. Nice and padded and DD always seems happy in and sleep happily. The hood is great as separate from the handle and much bigger than the Maxi Cosi. Friends with Maxi Cosi ones say how much better the hood on mine is.

PumpingRSI Tue 15-Apr-14 06:54:25

it's has pros and cons against the maxi cost IMHO. it is safer with the 5 point harness, but all the padding meant my DS hated it and felt v squashed from about 8 months onwards (and he was small). People with maxi cost didn't have this problem and it seemed roomier. also, I didn't buy a base which was a mistake for me in hindsight, but if I'd have had a maxi cost, I could have picked one up cheaper or second hand. Finally, to take out the head hugger, I needed to remove the shoulder pads and magnetic stripe which seems a shame. at 10 months we bought a Joie stages and he's much happier. So basically the Besafe seemed better and safer, more padded and like egg shape for first 6 months, but then became a pain for us because of all the padding and more restrictive cocoon shape. HTH, probably not tho!

Ijustworemytrenchcoat Tue 29-Apr-14 03:13:54

Agree with the poster above, my son, who is just below the 25th percentile so not big, seemed uncomfortable in it early on, due to the padding. We have now bought a Britax Dualfix for him and he is much happier in this.

He can still be in the izi go up to 29 lbs I think, and the owner of the shop where we bought our new seat said he was fine in it. He said what looks uncomfortable to an adult is not for a baby.

I bought it because of its reputation for safety and I really liked the magnet feature and harness adjustment. I love the hood as well, so much better than the flimsy cover on maxi cosi seats.

HelicopterDad Wed 30-Apr-14 15:34:36

I am desperate to get my hands on a DualFix so that I can play with the swivel button smile - Is it as good as it looks? It looks more like a space pod than a car seat!

Ijustworemytrenchcoat Wed 30-Apr-14 20:47:08

It is good so far, he seems a lot more comfortable. I really like the tilt function so he can be more upright or laid back a bit for naps. Yes the swivel function is very cool, it's pretty easy to put him in without it but it's a nice thing to have. I like that it's easy to adjust the height of the harness and headrest as well.

It is a bit smaller than some ERF seats, we were told to expect it to last him till 3 and a half rather than 4.

bouncinbean Wed 30-Apr-14 20:55:50

I've had one for DD and been happy with it and had no issues. She's 11 months now and tall for her age so we do need to get organised about the next one but we'll be keeping her in it for as long as we can.
Never realised it's snug/more padded because I've had nothing to compare it with and neither has DD. In fact she gets excited when she realises she's being put in it because it's the signal that we're off out.
We do a lot of long journeys and she has had some long sleeps so I think it is comfy. We'll sometimes get a grumble if she feels she's been in it too long but I think we'd get that in any seat.

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