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isafe S06W Isofix anyone? need group 2-3 with maximum recline

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Elenus Tue 25-Mar-14 21:50:31

Dear mums, spent whole day searching on the internet, but could not find an answer

DS and DD (twins) are tall for their ages, but slim (16,5kg/15,5 kg) and now outgrown their maxi cosi priory XP. We were quite happy with those seats, and recline was just perfect for long jorneys - had done thousands of miles..I wish those seats had higher back/harness - we would use them for another year!
As a replecement, we initially bought Rodi XP - kids seem very small for them and recline is virtually non-existent...Now we have Concorde XT sitting in the kitchen which we will have to return - recline is not good, heads are flipping forward and kids sit too upright, don't even know if it is possible to sleep in a such seat. I know that high back booster seats do not recline, so I would imagine we will need 5 point harness (mandatory for wriggly children like mine!) to accompany reclining feature.

I'm looking at isafe S06W Isofix Duo Trio Plus, but there seems to be not much information about it. Don't even know where to look at them offline
Another option which seems to be availiable in the UK - Britax Evolva. Britax Frontier 90 also looks spot-on, but it will be very hard to get hold of it in the UK

Any recomendations?

Many thanks in advance!

Elenus Tue 25-Mar-14 23:46:09

Tippitoes Junior Crew Car Seat (Group 1+2+3) also looks promising! any reviews please?

AliceMum09 Wed 26-Mar-14 16:09:13


I've had a Britax Evolva in the past, and it is a good supportive seat. The one slight negative is that the recline position has to be selected (by flipping a 'foot' under the seat) before you fit the seat in the car, and once it's in it can't be adjusted without removing the Evolva from the car.

The recline is not massive, but it's adequate. My DD2 is in a Britax Multi Tech extended rear facing seat, and it's exactly the same seat as the Evolva, just with the addition of a support leg and tether straps that allow it to be used rear facing. It does not have any recline position, but DD2 (who will be 2 next week but is very petite - weighs 21lbs, or 9.6kgs) sleeps fine in it. She just rests her head to the side on the massive 'wings' of the headrest. It might take your twins a while to get used to resting their heads to the side if they've been used to a decent recline on their old seats, but DD2 seems perfectly comfy and sleeps well in her seat.

ihearttc Thu 27-Mar-14 09:33:16

DS2 has literally this last week gone into a HBB...he weighs 15.4kg.

We had a Rodi XP for DS1 which was fantastic but they have changed the design so it no longer has a base plate (it attached to the car similar to Isofix) so have gone for a Recaro Monza Nova 2 Seatfix (which is Isofix). I did lots of research as I really wanted an Isofix HBB and it seemed the best one.We also do lots of longish journeys and wanted something really comfortable. He has fallen asleep in it and just rested his head on the side of the headrest. We also had a Priori XP before but never had it on recline and I don't think the position is that different.

However by looking at the instructions that came with the Recaro it seems it does have a recline on it...there seems to be something that you clip up underneath. It would have to either always be reclined or not reclined but just wondered if it might be ok for what you need it for?

Elenus Thu 03-Apr-14 10:53:36

Thanks a lot for your answers! We seem to have found the acceptable option - Cossatto Hug 1-2-3 which has a desent recline. Covers design is dreadful though...

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