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What front facing car seat fits in a Seat Ibiza?

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naughtybrenda Mon 24-Mar-14 14:00:47

My 11month old needs to go into a front facing car seat now, I went into Halford's today yo be told the only one that would fit into my car cost £180.

Does anyone else have a Seat Ibiza and if so what car seat would they recommend?

MyBootsAreMuddy Mon 24-Mar-14 14:19:55

What year is it? There is someone at the toddler group I go to who has a 2009 Ibiza and what looks like the Maxi Cosi prioi xp in it.

The Britax first class is a good one for fitting in cars with long belt buckles as it has an alternate routing to avoid buckle crunch.

AliceMum09 Mon 24-Mar-14 17:55:45

She doesn't 'need' to go in a forward facing seat, a bigger rear facing one would be much safer. has a list of stockists, you should be able to find one fairly close to you. They tend to be independent shops where the staff are properly trained to fit cars seats and have excellent knowledge, as opposed to the 'sales' people at Mothercare and Halfords who couldn't care less what seat they sell you and most of the time don't even know how to fit them - were you just 'told' in Halfords, or did they actually try any seats out in your car?

The shops on the stockist list I mentioned will have forward facing seats too, if that's what you really want, and I'm sure the staff will be able to find more than one that fits your car.

Ihateparties Mon 24-Mar-14 18:51:47

We have a 2011 Ibiza, there are loads of things that fit as far as I know. We have a joie tilt rear facing for our 2 year old, it has been fitted forward facing too for our 4 year old on occasion. I'm not totally sure what potential problem halfords thought there was. The belts are short but that's most relevant for infant carriers really, the belt stalks are a bit long but nothing like as bad as on other cars we have had. I've just had a look at the britax fit finder, quite a lot of seats are listed for our year of production, it will be worth a look for yours here. Personally I would recommend a rear facing seat too, they don't need to be expensive,the joie range are all reasonable, the tilt was £90, the steadi is 130 and the 0-1-2 seat, the stages is £150 and often on offer. If we didn't have to fit three seats in I would probably have something like a hauck varioguard, which is currently 150 on the tesco website.

GoodEggSafetyAdvice Thu 27-Mar-14 14:36:51


I have an 08 plate Seat Ibiza and have had lots of different seats fit into it, including a Britax Multi Tech, BeSafe iZi Combi ISOfix and Britax Two way Eltie, which are all extended rear facing. I have had forward facing seats fit into it too.

As previously mentioned, your baby doesn't have to go forward facing, there are lots of options for the next stage, so it's worth looking into them all so you can make a fully informed decision smile

What does your LO weigh?

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