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ERF... Hauck Varioguard, Britax DualFix or another

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FatimaLovesBread Sun 02-Mar-14 11:14:42

I've just bought a new car so we've decided to look at the next stage car seat now that we know what car we'll be using.

Ideally I'd like ERF with the option to turn forward later and isofix.

I've been looking at the Varioguard and the Dualfix. Has anyone got any opinions on these? Any reasons not to buy?
Is the Hauck actually good as I have this possibly incorrect impression that Hauck seem to be a bit of a budget brand, more so with pushchairs, are their car seats good?

Also, is there any others options that fit my criteria?
I'm not sure if it's worth having it able to turn forward but I think I'd like the option. Or should I just get one that only rear faces?

Any help and opinions would be great

crashbangboom Sun 02-Mar-14 22:26:36

Hauck used to be a budget brand but their new seat looks as good as the dualfix quality wise.

There are a lot of new seats out at the moment so good to look around.

For me the important differences are shell height and weight limit.

AmandinePoulain Mon 03-Mar-14 12:50:11

We looked at both and went for the Dualfix. Our reasons were that like you I had little experience of Hauck and the pushchairs I had seen of theirs looked cheap. I have had Britax seats before however and found them to be of good quality. Also Hauck kept pushing back the release date which made me nervous (was there something wrong with the seat?) and no where local stocked it for me to see it, whereas the Dualfix was in our local Mothercare.

The lack of a rebound bar also makes me nervous as generally erf seats have them. I also love the swivel function to put her in!

The Dualfix is a lovely seat, it seems really snug and safe. I would advise going to look at one and trying your lo in it and seeing what you think smile

Isisizzie Mon 03-Mar-14 21:49:48

I've got a duelfix and my only problem with it is if you have it behind the driver you need to lean into the car more to push to recline button in. No problem if it's on the passenger side.

crashbangboom Mon 03-Mar-14 21:56:18

Do you all really use the swivel function? I have no problem using any of my erf so much easier than ff.

AmandinePoulain Tue 04-Mar-14 06:25:42

I always use the swivel function, it makes life a lot easier. I've never had a non swivel erf seat to compare it to but it's far easier than putting her into the First Class which is our other seat. I had a Axiss for dd1 and was converted by that grin

crashbangboom Tue 04-Mar-14 07:20:50

I've had five different erf and always found the angle so much easier than any forward facing seat. Glad you are finding the swivel useful though.

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