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britax baby safe sleeper

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icklekid Sun 23-Feb-14 07:44:44

Has anyone seen/ used this

Would seem like a great comprise between car seat and carrycot for travel system? Is it too good an idea to work?


icklekid Sun 23-Feb-14 07:45:22

With clicky link

redcaryellowcar Sun 23-Feb-14 07:58:25

sounds like a very good solution esp if you need to make longer journeys, i am not sure how safe they would be in a crash, worth speaking to someone e.g independent baby store who sell a range of seats. its my understanding that rearward facing is safest for as long as possible?

GoodEggSafetyAdvice Mon 24-Feb-14 14:29:53

Hi icklekid

The Britax Baby Safe Sleeper is a good Group 0 car seat. It fit's sideways, rather than rear facing and as such allows baby to lie flat, safely. As it is lie flat it is better for babies spine and breathing, particularly if you make long journeys as there is no time constraint on lie flat seats. In an impact the way the seat is fitted gives baby 360* protection and the handle acts as a roll cage.

These seats are very good for tiny or premature babies, and of course parents who make regular long journeys. A few things to note is that the seat takes up two spaces in the car, and the seat is very heavy which makes it more cumbersome than an infant carrier if you choose to move it out of the car regularly. Group 0 seats won't last as long as a group 0+ seat, however they can be more versatile.

Good Egg Safety.

herecomesthsun Sat 22-Mar-14 14:24:48

we loved it, agree with above. it was our pram! It also took up a lot of space in the car (big Volvo) but that was ok. When we bought it, it was a Which best buy for safety. They have now decided it is (just) scoring too low to be a best buy, but still see it as pretty safe.

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