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Car Seat (Group 1) for Mini Cooper 2005

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Sooperswooper Sat 22-Feb-14 19:21:05

Just got myself a 2005 mini (woop! though primarily for work) and wondered if anyone had a recommendation for a safe, budget car seat that will fit in it well. The car has isofix etc if needs be. Tempted by a britax but have heard that it really does depend on the model with some not fitting properly. Have been to the Fitfinder which suggests which ones do, but then on mini forums and elsewhere the very same models are problematic.

We have a Be Safe extended rear facing one in the main family car but tried whacking it (insofar as you can with such an item) in the mini and it was never going to fit. I know most accidents happen near home, and on short journeys so obviously don't want to compromise on safety, but I can't afford to spend a huge amount on another car seat as it will probably be used once or twice a month at most.


sleeplessinderbyshire Sat 22-Feb-14 22:41:04

I'd go for a kiddy guardian. It;s an impact shield seat which converts to a HBB so will last til aged 10/12. We has one in DH's car with a besafe in mine wil we had DD2 and now have a besafe in each car for DD2 and a kiddy for DD1. It's especially good if you pick up another child ifor some reason as it's easy to alter the height of the headrest and can use as a HBB without the shield (whereas other 123 seats you have to faff around removing the 5 point harness)

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