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Britax Kidfix or Britax Evolva for a four-year old?

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LaTrucha Fri 21-Feb-14 20:38:14

It has just dawned on me that the reason DS is no longer comfortable in his car seat is not because I am too lazy to adjust it but because he is nearly four and very tall for his age. So, now I've mustered enough brain cells to work that one out...

DD has a Britax Evolva which I have been very happy with and is supposed to go to 135cm. I can get one for about £80. Kidfix gets good reviews on here and looks comfy, which I caan find for about £100 ish.

Is there a reason for me to spend £20more and get the kidfix?

LaTrucha Fri 21-Feb-14 21:12:09

Come on MN! Save me £20...

LaTrucha Fri 21-Feb-14 21:22:45

ooooooowah now I have found the kidfix for about £80 too. Which one is better MN?

Waggamamma Fri 21-Feb-14 21:40:25

Is your dd about to outgrow the evolva? if so I would use that.

My three year old is in the kidfix (19kg and 114cm tall) and am very happy with it. Definitely piece of mind with the isofix as the seat belt only has to secure the child, not the seat and the child. Also saves having to strap the seat down when ds is not in the car (to prevent it being a projectile in a crash) so it seems a safer option to me.

Waggamamma Fri 21-Feb-14 21:41:26

I meant use the evolva to save spending more money. I've not used it myself do can't comment in features etc.

LaTrucha Fri 21-Feb-14 21:45:15

She isn't outgrowing it, no. I think they do the Britax Kid one without Isofix - which I didn't know when I started the thread. It does make a lot of sense what you say about the iso fix, but I think we would be doing without it. We only drive around a small town. Going into fourth gear is a very rare occurrence for me.

Waggamamma Fri 21-Feb-14 21:52:47

One in three road accidents happen within a mile of home, so don't let that affect your choice of seat. Pick the safest you can afford.

Saying that I don't think there is much difference between the evolva or kidfix. Although the isofix feature definitely gives me piece of mind.

LaTrucha Fri 21-Feb-14 22:03:20

One thing I don't understand is that more expensive models than the ones I am considering seem to have a lot less padding. I can understand what you mean about the isofx base, bu tI don't get that. Is it to do with seat position perhaps

Waggamamma Fri 21-Feb-14 22:21:49

I'm not really sure about that one. It's not just about padding though, it's to do with impact protection and how it performs in an accident from different angles. The technology in a seat you can't actually see and the quality of materials used. In a bad accident 'padding' doesn't mean a lot if the seat moves or the belt position means organs are crushed sad .

Unfortunately many people go for a seat that looks the most substantial without actually considering safety performance.

LaTrucha Fri 21-Feb-14 22:27:13

I've been reading too may threads on here: ones which say seats that get great safety ratings here are slammed in other countries like Sweden and vice versa.

I'm very confused!

crashbangboom Sat 22-Feb-14 07:23:49

Kidfix if wanting a high backed booster and using with the isofix

Evolva is heavy as a high backed booster and all that additional weight is not good in an accident.

LaTrucha Sat 22-Feb-14 07:57:41

Tht's the one DD has sad It's so difficult! That one seemed to be the one to buy at the time.

crashbangboom Sat 22-Feb-14 08:05:19

Is Dd under 28kg? If so use it with harness til then.

Then consider getting a lighter hbb. Britax adventure, britax kid or kidfix for isofix

crashbangboom Sat 22-Feb-14 08:07:29

Whoops meant 18kg!

LaTrucha Sat 22-Feb-14 08:08:33

She probaby is exactly 18k

crashbangboom Sat 22-Feb-14 08:09:22

In which case you do need change evolva to hbb mode.

LaTrucha Sat 22-Feb-14 08:10:28

I'm having trouble understanding what base I need. The ones I can find all say 'baby' and the descriptions of the kidfix seat don't tell you what base you need.

crashbangboom Sat 22-Feb-14 08:13:15

OK evolva weighs 8.1kg

Kidplus 6.6kg

Kidfix 7.7kg but remember secured in placed by isofix

Britax adventure/hi liner 3.9kg

crashbangboom Sat 22-Feb-14 08:13:57

You don't need a base for the kidfix. The mounting for isofix retract from the seat.

LaTrucha Sat 22-Feb-14 08:14:22

Is isofix much safer?

2beornot Sat 22-Feb-14 08:15:31

I've just bought the kid plus as I don't have isofix in my car. No base needed at all. DH has kidfix in his because he does have isofix.

Depends on your car

2beornot Sat 22-Feb-14 08:16:34

If you have isofix then def worth using it!

SunnyRandall Sat 22-Feb-14 08:17:08

You don't need a seperate base with Kidfix.

Both ds and dd have the kidfix. Which? best buy. Def the safest.

We live in a tiny village and I had an accident that wrote off two cars so your small town argument is pointless.

Get the kidfix!!

crashbangboom Sat 22-Feb-14 08:19:17

Isofix is no safer than a correctly fitted belted seat.

However in hbb mode that's not relevant. It removes some of the force of the seat travelling behind. It also keeps the seat in place when travelling without child in. You should really strap belted hbb in even child isn't it in otherwise its an unsecure load in an accident.

LaTrucha Sat 22-Feb-14 08:19:49

Would someone be kind enough to link to a Britax kid without a base? I'm getting totally confused between different Britax Kids plusses and fixxes!

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