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Carseat I Can Take on a Plane - Help!

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Vcarroll Thu 20-Feb-14 16:18:34

Hi, hoping someone can help me am getting so frustrated! We are booked to fly to Orlando in Sep with Thomson Airways. DS will be 23 months and we opted to book a seat for him and we are flying premium economony (a bit of a treat :-))

So I want to take a carseat on board, firstly because I can't imagine him sitting nicely in a normal seat and secondly because the car hire companies sting you like you couldn't believe for hiring a car seat, about �15 per day (if they have one!)

On the Thomson website, they say I can take a carseat on board, but it must be able to be fitted using a 2 point harness (fine) and be 40cm or less in width. Now I cannot find a car seat sold anywhere in the UK that is less than 40cm in width. I did find a Britax Eclipse, which is 43cm in width and has been FAA approved for airline travel - I also saw on a forum someone said they took it on to an Easyjet flight.

So I emailed Thomson asking if I could use it. they came back saying that we cannot book seats until 90 days before our flight. Useful. I tried again, reiterating my question. They came back saying the car seat they recommend is the 'Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat Fleetwood'. Good I thought... Googled it - it's only sold in the US!!!

Pretty angry by this stage I phone them up and got told I cannot take a car seat on board. Lost temper. Asked to speak to someone that wasn't just following a script and reinterating the same answers to me over and over, and that could actually answer my query. Was given number for UK call centre. This time they told me I could take ANY car seat on board!!!! Know this isn't true either. Asked him to email me this so I can show it at the check in if I get challenged. He promised to. He didn't.

So I reverted back to email. Got response saying that what I had been told about the Evenflo is correct, it meets the dimensions, and that I should look on the internet for it 'or similar'. Good one.

Ready to tear my hair out now. I've looked and our plane seats have a width of 45.72cm, so I believe the Britax Eclipse would fit - am thinking of getting it, taking it, if they refuse to let me use it then I will put in the hold and pack the CARE system as a backup - but I would like to know if anyone else has taken car seats on board/which ones or if they know of any slimmer ones?

Sorry so long winded! Thank you!

Norem Thu 20-Feb-14 16:25:16

Hi I have flown lots with toddlers and babies and have never needed a car seat on the plane.
You are going premium economy so will have loads of space and a tv in the setback in front. Stick the seat in the hold and have more space for toddler to recline the seat and hopefully sleep for a while smile
Take a huge bag of snacks,books and little toys.
Also get lo used to kids headphones before you fly so they can hear tv/iPad as well as see it.
Good luck

Rosa Thu 20-Feb-14 16:34:31

or rent a car seat for 24 hrs on arrival then go to Toys r us - there are several in Orlando and buy one. There are Evenflo ones available for like $40 . Drop the rental car seat back at a car rental loaction in dowtown Orlando.

Vcarroll Thu 20-Feb-14 16:38:39

Thank you Norem. Actually I had seen that a car seat has to be in the window seat which would mean one of us would have to be over the aisle - I guess if we didnt' take it onboard then we could sit in the row of 3 in the middle... Did you find yoru toddlers wanted to get up and run around? This is what I am worried about the most. I think the lfight back will be fine as it's overnight, but going out is daytime :-(

That's not a bad idea Rosa, but I think we are able to check in a carseat - we are going to buy a cheaper one (that can then be used in Granny's Car) so don't have to worry about it so much.

littleredsquirrel Thu 20-Feb-14 16:48:11

IMO you'll be far more comfortable without a car seat in the plane. He can sit in a normal seat which shouldn't be a problem at all by the time he's 23 months, and when he gets tired you can push the arms down and he can lie down with his head on your lap. A car seat will be very restrictive in the plane.

And believe me, coming back in the night will be the worst part of your journey. Going out will be fine.

GoodEggSafetyAdvice Fri 21-Feb-14 12:20:35


What a dilemma for you!

Your little one will be more comfortable using a car seat on the plane, and it is also safer for him should you hit any particularly bad turbulence.

I would just like to make sure that you are aware of the restrictions in place on car seats used between countries. UK car seats cannot be used in the US and the same with US seats being used here. So if you did purchase the Britax Eclipse, you could not legally use it in the hire car.

If possible, you could order the Evenflo online and have it shipped to the UK. You can then use it for your flight and in the hire car. It would not be allowed to be used in the UK however.

Your other option is the Kiddy seats, it may be worth checking with the airline to see if they'd allow that one. Although it is a UK seat, Kiddy do sell it in America. As it is group 123 you could also keep hold of it on your return and use it as a high back booster for him once he has outgrown his group 1 car seat. You would need to ensure that the Kiddy Guardian pro UK can be legally used in the US.

Kiddy USA

I hope this helps,
Good Egg Safety

eurochick Fri 21-Feb-14 12:24:08

I agree that you would all be more comfortable without the car seat on the plane. It'll take up a lot of toddler wriggle/curl up room. You'll have more flexibility without one.

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