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car seat for large 2.5 year old!

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lisathehuggett Fri 07-Feb-14 18:21:58

my little man is too big for his car seat, so I have been looking at the car seat with group 1,2 and 3, as he will still need the harness as I would never trust him to sit in the group 3 seats without one. do you think the straps would be longer on these car seats than the standard group 2 chair? If not any suggestions? (apart from leave him home!)

addictedtosugar Fri 07-Feb-14 18:31:56

How much does he weigh, and how tall is he?

Is he wearing a big coat/jumper in the car? Take this off, and put a blanket over him?

The straps were plenty long enough for my 17kg 4.5 yr old. We moved him out of a harness last weekend. That was Britax and M&P brands.

AliceMum09 Sat 08-Feb-14 23:41:18

How much does he weigh? If he's over 18kgs then you have to stop using the 5 point harness and start using the seatbelt to secure him on a high backed booster.

I don't think there would be any difference in harness length, I've never had a problem with the straps not being long enough though.

You can use a Group 1 (9-18kgs) seat until their eyes get level with the top of the seat. It doesn't matter if their head sticks above the seat slightly.

vj32 Wed 12-Feb-14 18:51:00

Agree with others. DS is HUGE and we have just had to put him into a high backed booster type seat as he was getting very close to 18kg. He is 2years 9 months. But he is very unusually big - and it was weight that was the problem not the straps not fitting. Unfortunately manufacturers of baby equipment make things for average size children and don't allow for the fact that there are children at both ends of the weight range that need suitable equipment too. Yes, obviously for commercial reasons, its just so annoying. Same with pushchairs. Why are they only tested to 15kg? DS was 15 kg before he turned two. GGGRrr.

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