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ERF Brio Zento, forward facing with harness. Weight guidelines different in different countries, up to 25kg in Germany only to 18kg in UK

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Confuddledbycarseats Tue 28-Jan-14 14:49:33

Looking to turn my DD in her Zento, she is 17kg, wanted to keep her in the 5point harness and having read the German section of the manual she can do that up to 25kg but when I double checked the English instructions (only on disc, not in handbook, hence why I only read the German section initially) it says can only use the 5point harness FF up to 18kg.

What am I best to do? Keep her in the 5point because I think its safer, or at 18kg switch to the car 3 point seat belt because we're in the UK and not Germany?

Confuddledbycarseats Tue 28-Jan-14 14:58:42

I I take it back! Think have misread the sections in the manual!

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