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Sitting in back when baby is in car seat

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Cluck71 Sun 19-Jan-14 04:41:45

Hi, I'm a first time mum to a beautiful 8 week old who was nearly 5 weeks early. He has been out in the car plenty of times and I'm wondering is it safe for him to be in his car seat when I'm driving and there's no one to sit next to him? I've done it once on a 40 min journey but felt worried and guilty the whole way.

Runandbecome Sun 19-Jan-14 04:45:16

Yes it's absolutely fine as long as he's secure in the seat. Buy one of the baby car mirrors so you can see him as you're driving. We got ours from Halfords.
Congratulations on your baby!

AdoraBell Sun 19-Jan-14 04:47:52

Firstly, Congratulations.

As long as he is in the right size seat with the belts/straps fitted properly he will be safe.

There is Nothing To feel guilty about, you are keeping him safe and secure while you concentrate on driving. Once you arrive you take him out and give him a cuddle, don't you? I know you do. Really, don't worry, he is okay in his car seat.

Cluck71 Sun 19-Jan-14 04:59:12

Thank you, I know he'll be fine....lack of sleep can make you turn things over in your mind too much! Might invest in a mirror though.

AdoraBell Sun 19-Jan-14 05:09:36

Hope you Get some sleep soonsmile

Ihateparties Sun 19-Jan-14 19:13:44

Random note.. I got a round mirror that pivots/adjusts, boy does dd2 enjoy moving it around so i haven't been able to actually see her in it for months. If I was getting another I'd get one of those rectangular shaped fixed ones so it could actually be used by me to see a baby as was the intention.

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