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Stage 1 car seat for occasional use in various cars?

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peanutMD Thu 09-Jan-14 12:09:38

We don't drive and thankfully 10mo DD still fits in Cabriofix but i've started looking into Stage 1 seats.

I'd love a RF seat but couldn't justify the cost and I doubt it would be entirely practical fir us.

AliceMum09 Thu 09-Jan-14 17:40:21


Try the Britax First Class. It can be used rear facing up to 13kgs (the same as an infant carrier) but it is a much bigger seat (in terms of space for the child, it won't take up any more room than a CabrioFix) so you'll be able to keep your DD rear facing for a while longer.

Then you just turn it to face forward and use it as any other Group 1 seat up to 18kgs. When forward facing it has two routings that you can use for the seatbelt, so it will fit cars with long seatbelt buckle stalks that otherwise would have 'buckle crunch' with some other seats. This will mean it fits in most cars forward facing. There is no alternative routing if you are putting it in rear facing, but as long as your DD weighs over 9kgs you can use it forward facing (I'd always try rear facing first though).

It's a good fit in cars with quite 'sculpted' seats too.

Kiddicare have it for an absolute bargain price right now, I paid £130 for mine 8 years ago. I'd give it some serious consideration, it's a really good compromise if you can't afford a 'proper' extended rear facing seat, and probably a better option if you don't have your own car (quick to fit, will fit most cars and doesn't take up the space that a true ERF seat does).

Here is the link for Kiddicare

oadcb Thu 09-Jan-14 17:44:36

Try joie stages.Rf til 18kg as well as ff. Fits similar to infant carrier.

My dd fitted her infant carrier til 20mths btw

Spindelina Tue 28-Jan-14 14:40:23

Or the Kiddy Energy Pro.

Gets good Which? safety reviews, and is dead easy to fit with the seatbelt.

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