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Maxi Cosi Car Seat on Sola Pram, can it be used without the base?

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Robynm2006 Wed 08-Jan-14 12:12:58

I have bought the Sola pram from Mamas and Papas for my baby due in May.
Im now looking to buy a maxi cosi car seat which is second hand.
It doesn't come with any ISOFIX base, do I need this?
I don't mean for the car but for the pram itself? I would like to use the pram with the car seat on it for the first few months.
I have the maxi cosi car seat adapters for the sola, but can I just attach the maxi cosi car seat onto the adapters without a base?
Thanks for any information you can give!
Robyn x

Zookiemay Wed 08-Jan-14 12:17:59

No, if you have an isofix base, it is just used in the car instead of using the car seat belts to secure the seat. It isn't used in the pram; just need the adaptors

BabyEsh Wed 08-Jan-14 21:07:28

Hi there

I have a sola pram and a maxi cosi car seat, to use the car seat with this pram you only need the maxi cosi adaptors no base needed.
The isofix base is just used in the car and stays in, the car seat lifts out.

Hope that helps
Good luck with the birth

KatAndKit Wed 05-Feb-14 14:24:40

Please remember that newborns should only be in car seats for short periods of time. Popping the seat on the pram to nip round the supermarket quickly is fine. Using the car seat if you are out all after noon isn't. Anything more than a quick trip you need to be using the sola seat lying flat, or the carrycot.

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