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Britax Adventure High Back Booster?? Just got it….not sure if its safe

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bumbleandbumble Wed 01-Jan-14 16:25:47

I thought this seemed like a good seat for my 4 year old… but now I am not sure, before I open the box…what do you think?
How and where can I find which seats are safest, yet reasonably priced…I really can't go over £100.

Has anyone had one or heard/read they are not so safe?

Janek Wed 01-Jan-14 16:38:37

My dd has one, but she is 7, it seems fine though and i am quite a stickler for car safety, what are your concerns?

Dd2 (5) has the britax evolva 123, now with no harness, which has a wedge which makes it recline a little. This seems more comfortable to me, particularly for a younger child.

captaincake Wed 01-Jan-14 19:15:48

I've not had one so can't comment personally. Which doesn't seem to like it. Says "its two star score in the front crash shows it fails to protect the child sufficiently"

The Britax Kid Plus SICT got a much better result at "good on four stars, while its side impact score is excellent on five." A quick google found it at kiddicare for £90.

captaincake Wed 01-Jan-14 19:17:26

That second quote was supposed to start Its front crash protection is good..

oadcb Thu 02-Jan-14 17:20:31

I have two and a britax kidfix.

If not using isofix you need lightweight seat (as seat travels with child in accident) and good positioning of belt.

How heavy is your child and what seat were they in before. Have they truely outgrown them.

bumbleandbumble Thu 02-Jan-14 21:19:57

My 4 year old is heavy and tall. She is 17kgs. She was in the Two Way Elite, rear facing which I love…

The only reason I am kicking her out is to give the Two Way Elite to her sibling who has out grown the baby seat.

But I can't afford another two way elite and as she is so big I figured a booster would be better long term.

My concerns were exactly that…that which gave it a low rating on a crash. The other issue is I am not sure what car….we are between cars and shopping for a new one…so don't know if it will have isofix or not.
At the moment we need the seat for getting to airport, when we borrow a friends car or when my family takes the kids for a sleepover.

oadcb Thu 02-Jan-14 21:44:31

I wouldn't worry too much about Which? They gave the maxway a don't buy and its passed the pass plus in Sweden.

I know several of the ERF campaigners have the adventure or hi liner (same seat different cover) Its a great seat. Often on offer (£29 at kiddicare online at the moment) Pefect for moving from car to car.

oadcb Thu 02-Jan-14 21:46:18

And on offer at mothercare. Don't go for isofix if you don't know if new car has it. The extra fittings create additional weight/force on child in accident if isofix not used

AliceMum09 Thu 02-Jan-14 23:10:31

I have two Britax Adventure seats and am very happy with them. I have three children, all needing car seats, and two bigger HBBs (such as the Britax KidFix) would not fit next to each other or next to DD2s Britax Multi Tech ERF seat.

The sides of the seat and the headrest are really deep, my 8 and 5 year olds can sleep upright in the seat because they are very well-supported. Their heads and bodies don't slump down. The seat is lightweight, so a good choice for a spare, and will fit most cars. It's a good fit on 'sculpted' seats because the base is narrow. I'm not sure about the Which? scores for front impacts (I'm a member of Which? so I knew about that), but like I said, it's a lightweight seat so I'm not sure that it adds that much 'pressure' onto the child in the event of a crash.

captaincake Fri 03-Jan-14 11:58:21

Whilst I ignore the overall ratings on which as they take into account things I don't want them to for my use and I would buy a 'don't buy' for that reason, I do look at the safety results. For example the maxway they do say is safe but have made it a don't buy for other reasons that wouldn't concern me.

bumbleandbumble Sat 04-Jan-14 15:38:46

ok great. i feel better about it now…
thanks mums netters.
also I have opened the package and it seems very padded and good yet lightweight.

amyboo Tue 07-Jan-14 12:30:55

We have an Evolva 1,2,3 in our main car (now used with the normal car seatbelt) and an Adventure in our second car, both of which are used by DS, who is almost 4. I feel the Evolva is more comfy, but DS seems to like both equally. I would even say that the Adventure fits a bit better in the car, as the seat back can move a bit. It's certainly much lighter than the Evolva as well.

walpolecherie Mon 09-Feb-15 23:22:40

my friend told me to stay clear of Adventure as polosyrine in head rest breaks easy x

saz07 Tue 10-Feb-15 07:39:41

ive had 3 britax hi-liners ( same as adventure) over the years and been very happy with them, when I bought mine, they were rated well by which!

walpolecherie Tue 10-Feb-15 08:52:08

Thank you saz07 - friend was only one that put me off it but heard so many good things about it ....although think i going to go for slightly bigger seat now ( Graco Assure)

saz07 Wed 11-Feb-15 23:17:41

the graco one looks good, make sure it fits ur car though, because the base of the graco is very wide and doesnt fit on some cars sests, we have a graco backless booster (same base) and it doesnt fit my boyfriends or my sisters car x

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