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Cybex solution X not isofix? or an alternative?

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Tillyamy Sat 19-Oct-13 09:15:37


I currently use the cybex pallas seat for DS1 but want to get him a new seat as DS2 has just turned 1 and really needs to move out of his baby seat!

I'm happy with the cybex pallas so want to move DS2 into it and was looking for a similar alternative for DS1.

I can't find anywhere that stocks the cybex solution x without isofix? Help please. I'm happy to look at alternative seats but want one similar to the pallas if possible

elcranko Sat 19-Oct-13 22:15:34

Mamas and Papas stock a cybex solution x2-fix which can be used in isofix and non-isofix cars. Apologies if this isn't what you want, but a lot of the features are the same I believe.

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