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Cabriofix seat belt base

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GoMommaGo Sun 06-Oct-13 10:01:10

Hi we have been given a maxi cosi cabriofix base but it's the one that you fit in with a seatbelt not the isofix, I intend on buying a new maxi cosi cabriofix car seat (for dc3) but is the seat belted base any good? My other two dc are in isofix high back booster seats. Should I fork out for the isfofix base as well as the seat or use the base we have been given??!!

(Tend to have quite big babies and the other two weren't in the cabriofix seats for long, think was about 11 months, then went to rear face/forward face switch type seat and they rear faced a bit longer in those, so imagine only using the cabriofix and base for 10-11 months, I find them far too heavy by then anyway and prefer a bigger fixed seat in the car by then than an infant carrier I can't carry!)

DanielMcSpaniel Sun 06-Oct-13 10:08:23

We have one. Its rock-solid belted in. I would have gone for Isofix if our car had it but belted is very good instead.

AliceMum09 Sun 06-Oct-13 20:22:31

I borrowed a Cabriofix and seatbelted base from a friend for DD2. The seatbelted base was fine, solid as a rock. People seem to think that ISOFIX is safer than using the seatbelt - it's not! It's just a simpler method of fitting seats, if you use the seatbelt correctly it's just as safe.

GoMommaGo Sun 06-Oct-13 23:36:05

That's good to hear thank you, I know you can still buy them new as well so that is reassuring in itself but good to hear they fix in nice and solid! The other two are isofix high backs mainly as the shop lady pointed out if you have boosters that seatbelt in and you have no child in its a loose heavy object flying into back of you if you have to stop suddenly, unless you seatbelt in empty boosters into place which I had never thought's a minefield this car seat choice thing.

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