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Which seat to put new baby in in Ford Galaxy?

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LlamaLover Sat 05-Oct-13 23:27:18


I have a 2.5 year old DS who is in an extended rear facing seat. I'm lucky enough to be pregnant with no.2. I have a Ford Galaxy which is a 7 seater with 3 'proper' separate seats in the middle row (where back seat is traditionally but the car has an extra row of seats behind that too).

My DS is in second row, passenger side. Should I put new baby in middle seat or one on my driver's side? Do people with more than one get one kid out of each side (therefore one of them into the road if parked on the side of the street)? Or have older one climb over smaller one? He's not quite big enough to get out himself and don't think he will be when LO gets here. Happy to move DS's position if that best.

I can't quite work out which is safest and most convenient. I'd love to hear what others have done.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Newlywed2013 Sun 06-Oct-13 04:23:02

I would put baby in the car near one of sides, maybe where DS goes, and then put DS in the middle. I think it would end up a lot easier and safer getting them out the car. You could get baby out and put them in pushchair and then without having to go around hte car get DS out if that makes sense!
Not sure if that helps, but that is what i woudl do.

beachesandbuckets Sun 06-Oct-13 04:44:29

I would put both each side next to door in the middle row so you don't have to lean through car to get one out. also having dc1 in middle will block your rear view when he/she gets bigger. I have twins so have to have dc2 (3 years) behind passenger seat and twins behind driver seat and in middle. Its a pain to lean in to get the middle twin out and not very comfortable for her in getting out.

Also good to seperate your toddler from your baby if you can, so you don't have to keep looking in mirror to see if he is putting his finger down baby's throat, stroking him/her roughly etc which is what I have to do with my 3 year old!

only problem having 3 year old next to window is that she opens it when I am driving which let's in blasts of cold air, not nice for babies, cue shouting!

Good luck!

beachesandbuckets Sun 06-Oct-13 04:48:08

Also wouldn't put toddler in middle for the times when he has tantrums (if he does, this applies to my dc2) - as at least when they are sitting by the door you can lift him out under duress rather than having to lean into middle and have a tussle!

rootypig Sun 06-Oct-13 05:32:52

Current safety advice is to put a child in the middle seat, to avoid the worst of a side impact collision. But that is with only one child in the back seat. With two, following the same logic, you reduce the risk somewhat if you keep one of the side seats free, iyswim. One in the middle and one by the door. I recall the Galaxy being pretty room with big doors ie you will be able to get to the middle back seat pretty easily?

JollyScaryGiant Sun 06-Oct-13 07:10:14

We have 2.5yo DS in his ERF in the passenger side of our Citroen Berlingo and 6 week old DD at the driver's side.

Sliding doors make our situation slightly easier though. Our ERF leans against the seat in front. This means it needs to stay at the passenger side - DH is 5'11, I'm 5'1 sowe need to be able to move the driver seaabove, forward and back easily.

As said above, I don't want DS to be able to reach DD in case he does her harm In a moment kof rage

BikeRunSki Sun 06-Oct-13 07:17:17

I have one in the front (airbag off ) and one in the back, on passenger side. Rare adult passengers go in.back.

misdee Sun 06-Oct-13 07:20:31

I have the two seats side by side in the galaxy

AliceMum09 Sun 06-Oct-13 20:34:07

I'd put one either side, your DS on the passenger side and the baby behind the driver. Or possibly the new baby on the passenger side and DS in the middle (if his ERF seat allows). I'd not worry about your DS reaching over to the baby and prodding him/her - with them both being RF he will find this more difficult than if he were FF.

How often do you actually park next to the road? Do you have a drive at home? If you do have a drive, and rarely park next to the road, I'd not worry about having to get one child out on the drivers side (therefore into the road) on the odd occasion that this will be necessary. I have DS (7) and DD (4) who always have to get out on the 'road' side because DD2 (1) is in a ERF seat that has to be behind the passenger (not enough leg room for me as the driver if I had the ERF behind me). But we rarely park next to a road, and they are old enough to be sensible about waiting for me to say it's safe to get in or out. And they know to go straight round the back of the car onto the pavement.

LlamaLover Tue 08-Oct-13 17:03:53

Thanks everyone for your thoughts! Much appreciated!

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