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Car to fit adult between two ERF/1 ERF + maxi cosi car seats in back?

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onadietcokebreak Mon 30-Sep-13 09:00:58

another option Will be where one is installed in middle and you are on outside seat but still able to interact with both?

AliceMum09 Sat 28-Sep-13 19:53:29

You'd easily fit in between the seats in our car - a Peugeot 5008. It's an MPV, but like an estate, and has a massive boot (or you can pull up the two 'occasional' seats from the boot floor, but then you are not left with much boot space)
It has 3 separate seats in the back, which makes it easy to fit child seats and passengers in too. We have three children, so I have a Britax Multi Tech II ERF seat and two Britax Adventure high backed boosters in there. This summer I had DD1 in the Multi Tech and DD2 in a Britax First Class (RF) and DH sat in the back with them while DS went in the front (for a little while).
Ours is a diesel, the petrol versions are really underpowered and not nice to drive on a motorway. You could also look at the Toyota Verso, which also easily fits three child seats, or two plus an adult.

galwaygirl Thu 26-Sep-13 13:02:18

Hi all

We are looking at buying a new car and while I have found a load of online queries about fitting three car seats in the back of a car I can't find what I'm looking for which is basically a car where I can sit between DD in her Britax Max-Way and DS in his maxi cosi cabriofix on the base. We currently have an Avensis and I can squeeze in but it's not comfy!
DS will be moving into an ERF seat himself in a year or so - think climbing in and out then could be pretty much impossible (at the moment I just hop in over the base before we clip the seat in) but ideally would like the option of squeezing in between them then too.

We are going to start bringing the car seats and testing cars but if anyone has any info that could help it would be much appreciated.
Like I said we know I can squeeze into the Avensis, our neighbours squeeze into their V70 with a similar set up. Oh and we ideally want to get an estate.
And I want to be able to fit between them as we will be doing a lot of motorway driving and they're much happier with me in the back.


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