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Mothercare U Move Travel System - Compatible Car Seat Base?

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Karennza Wed 25-Sep-13 15:52:55

Hi ladies

First post here and first baby (due in December). Forgive me if this is totally clueless - I never intended to have kids so the first I've had to get to know any baby-related stuff was last month (I didn't know I was pregnant until 24 weeks!)!

OK, so I have bought a U Move system for transporting the baby (see here). The thing is, it doesn't come with a base for the car seat. I'm gathering that a base is not needed - is that right? - but obviously it would be convenient. Despite searching extensively, I can't find any information on bases compatible with this seat. Do any of you know of any? Are there any products with universal or generic compatibility?

Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot. I am educating myself, I promise!

Thanks in advance for any help, folks smile

Best wishes

Karennza x

NannyMcphee12 Wed 25-Sep-13 22:36:16

Unfortunately there's not a compatible base for this car seat, you have to strap it in all the time

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