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Chicco Synthesis and Autofix

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Jennyl131 Tue 24-Sep-13 16:13:24

Have just discovered (shockangry - it was announced in June!) that Chicco have announced a potential problem with the some of the buckles used on some of these stage 0 seats To check if your child's seat is affected follow the link at Chicco will send a replacement buckle but you will need to fit it yourself - and mine hasn't arrived yet. Meanwhile I am thanking my lucky stars that we haven't been involved in an accident, and haven't had to test the intergrity of the buckle! Have bought a cheap Zibu carrier from mothercare to use in the meantime - I only dicovered the recall whilst researching cheap seats to take on holiday so I wasn't risking my "good" seat in the baggage hold. Otherwise I suspect I'd have lived on in blissful ignorance until DS outgrew the seat...
It's great that Chicco are offering a solution, but they don't seem to be shouling very loudly about the potential problem, the lady I spoke to at Chicco said it wasn't a recall (but see their link above) but that I could change the buckle "if I wanted to"!!??

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