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Calling any tall people with ERF in Volvo V50

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RegLlamaOfBrixton Thu 19-Sep-13 15:55:09

DS2 (9 months) and 10 kilos is not far off being out of his cabriofix. DS2 ideally needs to go behind the drivers seat as DS1 (2.7) is forward facing and kicks the passenger seat which I imagine would be really annoying if he was behind the drivers seat. I am quite keen on ERF and tried the Britax Maxfix at Kiddicare. Unfortunately my husband has to have the drivers seat pushed really far back to fit his legs in so the Maxfix wouldn't fit fully upright, let alone if we wanted to recline it. Any ideas for other (relatively affordable) ERF seats that might fit or should I just give up and turn DS2 forward facing when he bursts out of the cabriofix? Thanks!

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