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peugeot 3008 and their pointless underfloor storage boxes

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morecars Fri 20-Sep-13 07:31:52

For the benefit of anyone searching this in the future, In Car Safety Centre said they reckoned Britax 2-way elite, Britax Maxway, Britax Multitech and Axkid Minikid would work.

I also emailed, who were also very helpful and suggested Britax Maxway and Axkid Minikid as well. So I'll try and find some stockists for those two nearby, hadn't heard of Little Peas, will give them a ring.

Kroder11 Tue 17-Sep-13 16:58:54

Little Peas are excellent too in Dunfermline.

kangarooshoes Mon 16-Sep-13 20:13:40

Ring the In Car Safety Centre, they know everything about every car, or email them.

morecars Sat 14-Sep-13 09:12:36

Thanks for the replies. I spoke to Peugeot about it ages ago when I wanted to get an Isofix base for the Maxicosi and they really didn't care! Just said get a carseat without a leg. I had quite a discussion with the guy about whether or not it was sensible to design a family car that massively restricted the choice of car seats you could use. He was adamant that most parents would find the extra storage much more useful than being able to have a car seat with a leg. We had to agree to disagree! I'll try them again though, they might have a solution by now.

We're in Scotland, but I'll try the specialists on the phone. Thanks everyone.

ClairesTravellingCircus Sat 14-Sep-13 07:47:01

Talk to the erf specialist retailers

Incarsafety centre

I got tons of advice from them, there are several options for storage boxes, they'll find one for your car!

soapnuts Sat 14-Sep-13 02:12:02

I had this problem and we fitted it in the middle - of course that was when we had only one child - thankfully we've changed cars now DS2 has arrived - much easier without the bloody useless and never used anyhow storage boxes!

AmandinePoulain Sat 14-Sep-13 01:52:35

Can you get a filler from Peugeot? I know you can get them from VW. Might be worth speaking to your local dealer.

lagoonhaze Sat 14-Sep-13 00:36:14

Where abouts are you roughly? There are stockists everywhere.

Guy in halfords was wrong.

Besafe good for missing boxes. Axkid have long legs.
New Britax seats come straight down so may miss if box positioned away from seat?

morecars Sat 14-Sep-13 00:31:21

I love our 3008, but if I had realised the underfloor storage would make carseats so difficult I would have got a different car!

DS has been in a Maxicosi Pebble secured with the seatbelt so far, but approaching the weight limit so I am looking at ERF seats. A fitting guy in Halfords once assured me it was ok to have a support leg on the lid of the box with no packing inside, but I was pretty dubious about this. We're a long way away from a specialist car seat place like the one in Milton Keynes so I can't really go and try loads of seats in the car.

Any suggestions of what will work? Thanks!

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