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best group 0+ seat for long baby?

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peanutMD Tue 10-Sep-13 18:08:34

Friend is pregnant with her first DC and given that she is 5ft10 and DP is 6ft5 they are expecting a long one, her DP was 61cm at birth!

She had hoped to buy the Cabriofix but my 9th centile 6mo fills a fair amount of it so I advised this is maybe not the best option.

I have suggested the original Britax baby safe as I't has a bigger back rest which she likes but is there anything bigger?

I had seen the Recaro young profi online but not IRL.

KatAndKit Fri 13-Sep-13 17:54:14

Perhaps get a combination seat that works from birth to age 4? The seat will obviously be bigger than an infant carrier but of course most seats like that live inside the car so are less portable, although for some people that is not a problem.

I highly recommend the Klippan Kiss. Rearfacing from birth to four. The "baby" part of the seat can be used on its own without the base and headrest part until the baby reaches a certain size. The baby part of the seat has wheels on it and a handle so you can wheel the seat from the car to the house. Once the baby is too tall, the seat part stays in the base. Even though it is a rear facing seat, it fits well in smaller cars (although there is less leg room for the front passenger but my car is only a polo so in bigger cars there might be more room) and unlike some combination seats, the recline position is good for small babies.

Another option might be a Britax First Class (don't think they are extended rear facing but could be wrong) or a Joie Stages. There are quite a few combination group 0/1 seats on the market, some rear face till 12kg and a few go up to 18kg.

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