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Britax Max Way probs - which big cars does it fit in?

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britaxmaxwayuser Wed 28-Aug-13 07:32:56

Hello car seat experts!
We live in the Middle East, where I drive a Nissan Pathfinder. We have 8 month old twins.

When we were in the UK over the summer, we visited the In Car Safety Centre in MK and decided to get a pair of Britax Max Ways, as it seemed to be the most versatile and suitable seat for our needs.

We tried it in a Ford Galaxy and it was fine, but now we have it back in the Middle East, we are having trouble with it in the Pathfinder, which is a huge car, so we weren't expecting to have trouble.

At the moment, only one of the twins is ready to move out of his infant seat, so we have installed one Max Way for him, behind the passenger seat.

The trouble is, there is no room to recline it any further, and it needs to be reclined even more as my son keeps falling asleep with his head lolled forward. It is already up on the foam wedge, but it just about touches the front passenger seat, even with that seat as far forward as it can go and there is barely any leg room left for the front passenger.

We have also realised that we won't be able to fit the second seat in behind the driver once the other twin is ready for it.

We've got no choice but to look for a new car, so I'd be interested to hear which cars the Max Way works in.

I need a big, powerful off-roader (yes, it is a real need over here, it's not an indulgent Chelsea tractor!). I was just wondering if anyone on here can recommend any suitable cars which might comfortably fit 2 Max Ways in.

poocatcherchampion Wed 04-Sep-13 09:07:21

just to make it more complicated I think there needs to be 10cm clearance between the back of the car seat and the. seat in front.

it seems an expensive wayaround to replace the car not the seats though?

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