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Maxi-Cosi Familyfix base car compatibility not listed on website

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ngxox Tue 20-Aug-13 20:43:44

Hi, I've been looking at the Maxsi-Cosi familyfix base for the cabriofix seat I have just purchased to go with my pram, however according to the website it says that this base is not compatible with my car (a 2012 model Kia Picanto). My question is I would have assumed that the Isofix points are more or less standard across all cars (hence the whole point of them in the 1st place) and the fact that my car is a relatively new model could it be that Maxi-cosi have just not tested the compatibility with this particular model and therefore just say that it's not compatible (interestingly it lists the 2007 version of my car as compatible) or are there just genuine reasons why it is not suitable with some models of car (despite the fact they have isofix points). It also says that it is not compatible with my partner's Kia C'eed (he's a salesman for Kia hence all the Kias lol) and that is a 2013 top of the range model so again I find it hard to imagine that it wouldn't be compatible.

I went to Mothercare and they weren't really that helpful they just checked the website and said No, I would have thought they would have been able to put it in my car and be able to advise whether it fitted properly!

Has anyone else came across this with their cars? I know the isofix base is not essential but it looks like it would make life a lot easier!!

Thanks for reading!

AmandinePoulain Wed 21-Aug-13 12:03:22

It may be to do with the angle of your seat - our britax base is only suitable with an added wedge as the seat is too sloped so the car seat is too upright for a newborn. Or it may be that the support leg won't fit properly, have you got underfloor storage at all? Or it could be that they just haven't tested it! Could you try another shop to ask them to try and fit it for you? Mothercare really should have offered to try it in your car!

Would you be better off with the more basic base though? If you spend out on the familyfix you're pretty committed to a forward facing maxicosi seat next to get the use out of it, and rearfacing stage 1 seats are a lot safer.

ngxox Wed 21-Aug-13 14:02:59

Thanks AmandinePoulain, actually never even considered the next stage all I knew was I was getting the cabriofix as my 1st stage and it fitted on that base so I thought that's what I wanted. But you are right if I do not intend to get the Pearl then there is no point in me paying extra for the familyfix I can just get the easyfix base which is cheaper.

Going off topic a wee bit then, when it comes to a stage 2 car seat do these use Isofix bases as well or are the seats themselves Isofix. I guess I am less concerned about a base for the stage 2 as you wont really be moving it in and out the car anywhere near as much as the stage one which I will be attaching to the pram, so even if the stage 2 is just belted in I wont need to worry about belting it in each time.

And to think everyone thinks giving birth is the hard part about having a baby, selecting the right equipment really can be stressful, I've just spent the last 4 weeks relentlessly researching the perfect pram, now that's taken care of I'm on to car seats and then god knows what after that lol!!

AmandinePoulain Wed 21-Aug-13 14:45:45

Generally the seats themselves are isofix as you generally leave them in the car. If you have 1 seat and 2 cars then isofix makes the transfers easier, plus isofix seats are safer because they are easier to install correctly. If I was you I'd go with the easy fix base (a base does make life far easier grin) and then choose a stage 1 seat later on when you need one. You're better off keeping your baby in the stage 0 seat for as long as you can - at just over a year my baby is still in hers.

ngxox Wed 21-Aug-13 16:22:54

Brilliant, thanks so much for your advice! It's good to have forums like this otherwise you'd never find out about half the stuff you should know!!

lagoonhaze Thu 22-Aug-13 07:43:15

Normally when giving compatability it means the model of the car from 2007 onwards.

Agree get cheaper base too!

Barbeasty Sat 24-Aug-13 21:43:08

If you go to a smaller shop, especially one that sells rear facing seats, they are far more likely to see if it fits (especially if you ask) and may phone maxi cosi for you to ask.

We had to do it when we bought for DC1, and had someone check the base was safe fitted next to a rear facing seat when DC2 was due.

Fairydogmother Sat 24-Aug-13 21:47:38

We got the familyfix base and the maxi cosi website said it mightn't fit in our volvo but it does! Go down and just try it in the car yourself

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