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Group 3 car seats

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kangarooshoes Sat 10-Aug-13 10:18:18


I have a Skoda Citigo, and a Britax Two Way Elite. I'm keeping my boy in the two way until 25Kg (which should be a while), and gone for a Britax Kidfix in my mum's car (occasional use, and no where near the distances we do.)

Does anyone have any recommendations, or Which? knowledge about the safest group 3 seat to move on to? Are there any 5 point harnesses from 25kg onwards? I saw these and in Australia, is there any reason I couldn't use them here? (The Citigo has a top thether, so the Child Harness can attach to that.)


RobotHamster Sat 10-Aug-13 10:23:42

How old is he? DS is almost 6 and still only about 23kg. I've never seen any seats past 25kg though.

Sorry, can't see your link

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