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Car seat for light 3.5 year old

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mrsfox Wed 31-Jul-13 09:11:26

I hadn't seen that video either, LaChaise. Very scary.

I think we're going to go for a Group 1-2-3 seat - it does seem a safer option than the 2-3 ones. The Britax Evolva looks pretty good.

Thanks again for all the advice.

lagoonhaze Tue 30-Jul-13 11:09:44

Look at a Britax Evolva. Harnessed til 18kg and higher shell than most group 1s.

hothereinnit Tue 30-Jul-13 10:35:55

That's interesting, LaChaise. I hadn't seen that before.

Wrt OP, I know that cost is a big factor, but other posters are right - a child should stay in the lowest group car seat for as long as possible, rather than moving up when they reach the minimum requirements for the older stage.

If your ds is slight, then it could be a good few years before he hits the 18kg maximum for his current seat. My dc 2 is nearly 7, yet still in a 5 point harness due to slight build (due to car spacing, it is actually a Two Way Elite, and she is also still rear facing). She will outgrow that due to height before she gets to 18kg, but she will stay in it as long as possible, as it is the safest option for her.

Have you looked at the TWE? It is an expensive seat, but will last all the way up to 25kg, height permitting, and will go rear or forward facing (and fit in awkward spaces in cars when fitting 3 seats is difficult!). If you buy this now for your ds, then your dd can have his old seat, and then this one when she outgrows your ds' current one, as the weight range is so high.

LaChaiseVerte Tue 30-Jul-13 10:23:49

Seeing this video really put me off the tummy guards.

mrsfox Mon 29-Jul-13 22:16:46

Thank you very much, mikkii, that's really helpful info. I will have a good look at the Kiddy Guardian as well as the Britax Kidfix and Cybex Juno Fix.

Thanks, all.

mikkii Mon 29-Jul-13 20:50:27

Mrs Fox, we had a similar issue as you, in that DD needed to move up a car seat, forcing DS up. I have the Britax kidfix, DS is very slight for his age, was also about 15 kg when he moved into it at 3.5 and was very comfortable in it.

Whilst all the advice given above is helpful, cost is always a factor.

I recently had to buy a new car seat after DH was involved in an accident and didn't want to buy a class 1 seat for DD2 (nearly 3) who is also small and slight. I bought a mamas and papas seat that is a booster and also has a 5 point harness., but to be honest, it isn't isofix and the back falls off the base when you move it.

This is a similar car seat to the one above, with the pad. It costs £35 more than the britax at kiddicare, but I don't know how it performs.

Which best buys include cybex Juno fix (about £185) and the kiddicare guardian pro (£190).

I paid £180 for my kidfix, but I know the prices have one down now they have some competition, the normal one is now from £100, whilst the side impact one is £122. (According to Which)

If I had the money, I would be tempted to go for one with the extra piece, to improve safety while DC I small. These weren't available when I made my choice.

I'm keeping DD2 in her class 1 as long as possible, DD1 (now 6) wants out of her kidfix, but she's staying in it until she is bigger.

NannyR Mon 29-Jul-13 20:47:32

I just bought one of the kiddy guardian seats. I paid £180 but I did find one online for £175 with free delivery (think it was Oxford pram centre).

They are expensive but you won't have the added expense of buying a high back booster in a couple of years as it goes up to 36kg or 12 years.
Although I agree it is a lot to shell out in one go, rather than spreading the cost over a few years.

mrsfox Mon 29-Jul-13 20:19:02

I know, PolterGoose - the ideal would be to wait until he's heavier, but our DD has most definitely outgrown her baby car seat, and it seemed sensible to move her into DS's Group 1 seat and get him a new one, rather than having to buy her a new one and then him another new one.

But in the end we'll do what is safest. Any other suggestions for what we could do that would avoid buying two new car seats?

PolterGoose Mon 29-Jul-13 19:24:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsfox Mon 29-Jul-13 16:26:16

Thanks very much for those suggestions. They both look very good but they're rather expensive - we were hoping to spend more like £100-150.

Any other recommendations? Or does anyone have experience of the Britax Kidfix Isofit one?


skaen Mon 29-Jul-13 14:31:28

I'd go for one of these

they work from 12 months onwards with the tummy guards which can be removed.

LaChaiseVerte Mon 29-Jul-13 14:25:01

My klippan triofix goes up to 12 years, can rear or forward face with a 5 point harness up to 18kg and has an isofix base. Then can used with a normal seatbelt.

mrsfox Mon 29-Jul-13 14:21:22

Hi - we need a car seat for our 3.5 DS. He is slim and light at about 15.5KG, and I am concerned that the 2-3 stage ones (which say they are suitable from around 15 KG) aren't going to be safe enough for him.

Does anyone have experience of this? I was looking at the Britax KIDFIX ISOFIT seat.


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