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Britax Maxfix

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VeniVidiVino Thu 25-Jul-13 19:51:41

DH and I are thinking of getting the Britax Maxfix ERF seat. We also tried the Cybex Sirona and Britax Dualfix in our Golf but thought that having the option to turn DD to forward facing would mean we do it sooner than if we don't have the option iyswim.

Does anyone have any experience of two way seats? Are there advantages I am unaware of? Also, the price of the two way seats is offputting tbh but we could stretch to afford if necessary.

Thanks in advance!

lagoonhaze Thu 25-Jul-13 21:59:08

Have a look at the axkid range if you are looking at ERF. Will last much longer

KatAndKit Tue 06-Aug-13 21:29:33

I have a polo. I found because vw rear seat reclines too much there was not enough recline on the max fix. I went for the klippan kiss instead which was a much better fit for my car.

StetsonsAreCool Fri 09-Aug-13 23:11:08

I have a BeSafe Izi Combi, and very recently tried to turn it forward facing in my car. That's the first time in 2.5 years that I've wanted to.

If you're sold on the benefits of ERF, then having the facility to turn forward facing might not be as much of a temptation as you think.

The reason I tried to turn it FF was because I was having to take DD in a friend's car which was too small to fit an ERF seat, and my normal spare was unavailable that day. As it happens, the BeSafe doesn't fit FF in my car. Which is fine as I don't want it to, but still mildly disappointing smile

The thing I like about the two-way seat is as I described above - I've got the option to use the seat in more cars if I need to.

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