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Help re Carseat

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MrsRoss26 Sun 09-Jun-13 11:27:24

Hi all,

Anyone got any advice about car seats? We want one that will last more than the first year (i.e. is group 0+1), and is ISOFIX, and it seems there are few and far between around??

Thanks in advance... pfb and not wanting to shell out massive sums for something that won't last very long - but also open to advice as to what worked for you!

FannyFifer Sun 09-Jun-13 11:33:23

We used one of the maxi cosi little seats when newborn. DD was actually in it till about 18 months as was tiny.
Then a Brittax Evolva which is from 9 months to 12 years old.

We just tried the Maxi Cosi Milofix in our car today - it is Isofix and group 0+1. It's new so was £225 in mothercare but given that it covers both groups that's pretty good for Isofix. It was also very easy to fit

MrsRoss26 Sun 09-Jun-13 16:44:58

Ah, brilliant, thank you ladies. Will have to check out the maxi cosi then. There are too many decisions to make with a baby!grin

WeOnlyPlannedTheFirst Sun 09-Jun-13 23:29:48

Look at klippan kiss2 from - such an ingenious design. Love mine!

MiaowTheCat Mon 10-Jun-13 08:51:48

I can't get on with the carry-handle seats at ALL. Both times I've given in to the marketing, and bought the one that goes on the pushchair frame - and both times I've taken to leaving it in the car by the end of month 1 as they're so bulky and unwieldy (and don't get me started on the hazards of driving around Tesco blind as you can't see over the buggers on the special trollies for 'em).

Both kids have ended up in Britax First Class Pluses set to rearfacing from the age of about 3 months - much more comfy in those with the newborn insert in, sitting higher up so they can see out of the window and no bruised shins from lugging the baby in a bucket thing around! (They're not isofix though since our old car didn't have it but very very securely fixed in with the seatbelts - pro-tip, get a couple of blokes to "work together" to do this - they both go nuts trying to see who can get the seatbelt pulled the tightest in some male pride competition and you get the carseats really securely and tightly fastened in!)

MrsRoss26 Mon 10-Jun-13 11:05:36

Wow, the Klippan is even more eye-wateringly expensive than the maxi cosi! Babies can be wallet-breakers, can't they?

Thanks for the extra recommendations. We'll keep on looking, and probably get ourselves to a few shops to try some out.

AmandinePoulain Mon 10-Jun-13 12:15:17

I've just watched the video for the new maxi cosi and it looks like it doesn't recline very much, that's a bit off putting for me!

We've been looking into the first class, we had one for dd1 but the way the belt fits rear facing makes it hard to put the baby in.

I'm very lucky that dd2 is tiny so still fits nicely into her Britax Babysafe, I'm tempted by the Varioguard when she outgrows it. It's suitable from birth, belted or isofixed in and faces either way. Unfortunately it's not available until August though sad.

MrsRoss26 Mon 10-Jun-13 13:57:17

Ah, August would be no good - I'm due in July! grin

TokenGirl1 Sat 15-Jun-13 23:31:41

We have the Klippan Kiss 2 for my dd (now aged 4) and it's brilliant.

For babies, you can remove the inner car seat and pull it along using the telescopic handle (just like a suitcase).

In car safety centre in Milton Keynes sell them and can offer advice over the phone on car seat suitability for your car.

MrsRoss26 Sat 15-Jun-13 23:37:15

Thanks for the recommendation. We ended up buying the maxi cosi milofix today, and are very pleased with how it clicks into the car (so easy) and how sturdy it feels. It was a bonus finding out it doesn't need a separate base. Fingers crossed it lasts a few years!

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