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Qashqai+2...what seats do you have (or any others 7 seater?)

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I am going round in circles and getting a headache from car seats!

Qashqai+2 - about to start being used for childminding. At the moment, it has DD (just 3) in an isofix Britax duo plus behind the passenger seat. We also have a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix (on loan). All other seats yet to be purchased. Only the two outside middle row seats are isofix.

Next week, we have an almost 1 year old starting. She's quite dinky (weight unconfirmed) so I suspect she will be best in the cabriofix for a couple of months. Then, come September we have a 6 month old starting. August is also the start of the school term so at that point we will potentially have up to 3 aged 5+ too.

So...what car seat combo would you go for and where would you put them all! A 6 month old, a 14 month old, just 3 year old DD, and 3*5+ers.....Someone has to go in the crumple zone, someone has to go in the front. I suspect rear facing won't be possible on the back row and I doubt 3 full size seats will fit on the middle.

This will only be for short distances i.e. school runs.

We have limited storage space and obviously don't want to be buying endless car seats. I had been considering getting Britax first class for the 2 girls but I think they would only fit rear facing in the front seat (or the middle for longer journeys but not for the school run as the seats need to fold!)

Somebody save my sanity please...

oscarwilde Thu 06-Jun-13 16:13:51

Is that 6 kids ? Sorry, it's a bit confusing

I'd put the 6 month old in the front rear facing with the air bag off,
the isofix britax in the middle row and prob buy another one given the ages. Then three proper stage 2 seats for the middle middle and two crumple zone seats. I'm not sure if it is legal to put stage 2 car seats in the crumple zone even if the seats are facing forward though. Presume you checked that out before you bought the car though.
It's possible to put three proper car seats across the middle but you will have to mix and match brands to make it work.

it would be up to 6 but three will be school age so probably just need boosters. I haven't read anything anywhere about not being able to put car seats on the back row though-all bar the very largest 7 seaters have the rear row practically touching the boot. They would all be useless if you couldn't put seats back there

We are going to be buying new seats but just wondered if anyone had experience of this.

Just thought I would update this for anyone looking for seats for the Qashqai+2 in the future.

Front seat :
Can't take any combination stage 0+1 seat rear facing as the seat belt is too short.
According to the manual the Britax cosy tot fits (not tested) and the britax duo plus (front facing). However, see below re the toby for why I wouldn't set much store by the manual!
Maxi Cosi cabriofix fits

Middle row:
We have a Britax duo-plus there at the moment fitted with isofix and top tether which is fine and very easy to get in and out. According to the car manual this fits in the centre seat too (belted)....
We also tried the Mothercare Madrid 0+1 which was a moose to fit.
Britax first class 0+1 - very easy to fit both forward and rear facing (belted only). My husband is 6ft and thinks he could drive with it rear facing behind him.
Maxi Cosi Milofix (0+1) - also very easy to fit (isofix), turns from forward to rear. Possibly slightly larger than the first class.
With two big seats in the outsides we still had adequate space for a normal booster cushion in the middle I think

Back row:
The Maxi Cosi Tobi does NOT fit - despite being listed in the car manual. Two different shops and 4 fitters have now tried, and it just does not give a secure fit at all. It wiggles around and has far too much movement. Buckle crunch was also borderline.
The Mothercare Madrid (0+1) doesn't fit - buckle crunch.
Britax Duo Plus (on seatbelt) - more secure but has mild buckle crunch- the fitters debated this one a bit.
Evolva 1-2-3 - toooooooo wide
Recaro Young Sport (1-2-3) great fit, very very secure
Graco Nautilus - ok, not as good as the Recaro though.

There are 3 issues with the back row in general - the seats are flat so any car seat which has a bulgy bottom (first class for eg) doesn't work.
The seat belt attachment point sits forward of the seat back so the routing of the belt through some car seats means you can't get enough tension (eg the tobi).
Buckle Crunch is an issue in fatter seats.

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