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cabriofix versus pebble?

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jennyapples Mon 03-Jun-13 10:04:52

Hello! I've searched the forums and found some other threads about this, but not exactly what I was wondering, so please pardon for any repetition smile

Baby is due in just under 4 weeks so we need to get our carseat pretty fast!

We've bought the Uppababy Vista so we can use Maxi Cosi Cabriofix or Pebble. I'm not that bothered by the price difference (it seems to vary by colour anyway) but just want the safest and easiest to use, in that order. I've read conflicting things and am just not sure which to get sad

I think both fit in my car (bmw 1 series) though from what I've read, one seat will have to be quite far forward. I'm short though so that's okay. ;)

Does anyone have any wisdom about safety or anything else that might help me decide?

Thank you!

mumtolilh Mon 03-Jun-13 19:47:01

Hi I had the pebble & loved it! Not sure about the other 1! Just thought id let you know that I loved the pebble! Fit into my golf perfectly smile

PotteringAlong Mon 03-Jun-13 19:48:58

Go and try them both.

For some reason, in my pregnancy addled brain I couldn't work the pebble (don't ask!) so we got a cabriofix and it was great.

My friend went and with her pregnancy addled brain couldn't work the cabriofix and got a pebble. She thinks it's great!

LadyMacbethIsBored Mon 03-Jun-13 19:52:30

The cabriofix is lighter. I loved it and never had any problems.

The pebble has more 'features' but I have to say I Much prefer the cabriofix.
Much lighter, more roomy (wider) and the head hugger is much better.
IIRC the pebble has extra reinforcement in the handle or something and memory buttons at the side which make it easier to remove from the pushchair chassis.

MyBootsAreMuddy Mon 03-Jun-13 22:17:41

Another seat to think about that is also compatible with your pushchair is the BeSafe Izi Go. It is a realy good seat and has scored well in tests. I prefer it over the Maxi Cosi as it has a 5point harness rather than a 3point.
A friend of mine has the BeSafe and loves it. It loooks like a realy good solid seat and weighs about the same as the Maxi cosi. She has the isofix base for hers.

jennyapples Tue 04-Jun-13 18:50:21

Thank you all for the food for thought! This is very helpful!

Littlemissexpecting Thu 06-Jun-13 09:24:01

Another vote here for the be safe iZi go. Works with the maxi cosi adapters on pram.

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