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Smallest rear facing baby seat....Please Help!

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notfarmingatthemo Thu 30-May-13 22:41:19

You may just have to go and try a few as they have different angles. Just because something looks big in the shop does mean it is big. Some can be a optical illusion. Good luck

cupcake78 Thu 30-May-13 19:28:31

We've just discovered our ds's old baby seat doesn't fit in the back of our car and allow space for me and dh in the front seats. Its a Pliko P3 mamas and papas rear facing seat, 6 years old.

We need help! Baby due in 4 weeks.

Can you recommend a smaller baby car seat that will still allow for the front seats to be pushed back in our car. A new car is not a viable option at this time.

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