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8 month old changing car seat?

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Emmiedarling Mon 27-May-13 11:44:14


I would really appreciate some advice. I have a Maxi Cosi Pebble for my LO. Is getting towards the stage where I ought to be thinking about the next size up?

I believe the best thing is to keep him rear facing in that seat until he is 20lbs?

When he reaches that, which seat would people reccomend.

I currently use the Pebble with my City Mini buggy. Do i gather you can't use the next stage car seats on a buggy?

Sorry - I sound stupid, but I really have no idea...

Thanks for your help..

Dontbugmemalone Mon 27-May-13 11:58:15


Is your LO getting too big for the car seat? I would keep using that one until their head is in line with the top, if that makes sense. It's normally from 0-13kg.

I haven't seen/heard about second stage car seats that attaches to a pushchair.

I bought maxi cosi for DS1 and then went up to the next stage car seat when he was 4.
I don't remember the exact name but it had a 5 point harness and it reclined which is important if your LO still sleeps in the car.

mmmmsleep Mon 27-May-13 12:14:47

hi I'd say keep your lo rear racing as long as possible. itvis eo much safer. dont move up seat size until they truly outgrow size of current seat. I moved to a kiss rear facing seat from pebble which should see ds through to 3.5yrs. it's 5 times safer. there is a good place in milton keynes that has loads of rear facing seats and you can try them all out. they do cost a bit more and take up more space in car so I do appreciate not right for everyone. 5 times safer though. my son loves his kiss seat. it reclines easily for long journey naps in car.

nextphase Mon 27-May-13 12:48:54

Looking on the www, the pebble goes up to 13kg, which is 28lb.
I'd keep your baby in the pebble til his head reaches the top, or he gets close to the weight limit.

When you get near to moving up, there are 3 basic choices as far as I can tell - extended rear facing, seats with a cushion in place of a harness, and a 5 point harness forward facing. Cost comes into a lot of peoples equations, but the rear facing is the safest.

DO NOT move him forward facing til he is way over 9kg and over 9 months. We moved DS2 at 15 months, DS1 at 13.

lagoonhaze Tue 28-May-13 04:20:12

You really need to look at and educate yourself on risks of forward facing before 2.5years. There is a list of local retailers. Steer clear of mothercare and halfords.

Next stage seats dont fit on pushchairs.

You really dont need to move baby til has reaches top of seat . Bent legs are fine. Most babies are fine in infant carrier til around 15/18mths but often parents move them way too early out of ignorance if risks of forward facing.

Forward facing is not a milestone to be celebrated like a lot of parents seem to do. :-(

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