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Seat belt extenders and other 3 DC questions

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ClutchingPearls Fri 24-May-13 11:05:48

I don't have a car so am not clued up on all the does and don'ts with car seats.

I occasionally drive my neighbours car when her husbands away as she is disabled. This has always been in school time so its a simple 2 DC in the back and DD at school.

But I've not been asked to drive her over the next week (half term). So 3DC have to go in the back. I know the seats will just fit and the buckles are free but its difficult to get DC in and out.

Has anyone used Seat belt extenders with boosters? It seems in the US they are used but not much in the UK, but I can't find any clear info on if I can use them or not.

Also I'm sure I've been told eldest should be in the middle, is that right? My logic is that a 5 point harness should be in the middle, but I'm sure I've read that that's not correct.

lagoonhaze Fri 24-May-13 11:37:54

Seat belt extenders are not recommended as not crash tested so you dont know if they will do the job in the car.

If seat in middle has only a lap belt I will never recommend using it- find an alternative method as they will literally rip a child in two in an accident.

Two Forward facing seats are approved for use with a lapbelt in this country, The Britax Prince and the Britax eclipse.

The Rearfacing Britax two way elite also can fit with a lapbelt but im assuming you dont have them.

Sorry this probably isnt going to help the situation but Im giving an honest reply. If its a case of three children squished in the back and one is in a lapbelt I simply wouldnt make the trip.

ClutchingPearls Fri 24-May-13 11:47:42

Thanks not your reply, I had wondered if not crash testing was the reason for lack of infomation on them.

The middle seat is a full seat belt, so I didn't know who to put in that space.

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