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Small 4yr old dilemma

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pollywollywoowah Fri 15-Mar-13 06:35:06

I have managed to write off my car this week :-( so need to buy two new seats for dc.

Ds is getting a Kidfix as he is a large 6yr old.

Dd is a small 4 yr old. She was in a Britax first class with 5 point harness as she is barely 15kg and the plan was to keep her in it until she was 18kg.

However now I don't want to buy an up to 4yrs 18kg seat when really she could go in a hbb but her weight is literally borderline.

Money is the main issue. As usual. And after the car writing off, safety is top of my list!

At the time ds was in an Evolva 123 which kept him safe but our new car will have isofix so would prefer that type of seat tbh.

Anyone got any bright ideas? I think I want a 123 seat with isofix that scores well and is around £100!

Surrealistrhinoceros Fri 15-Mar-13 06:46:19


My tiddly 4 year old is in a Guardian kiddy fix (think that's the name). Anyway it's a high back booster with a special cushion across the front which makes it okay for smaller kids. When she finally hits the magic 18kg you just remove the cushion.

Is a bit pricier than £100 but maybe there are cheaper versions. Sorry to hear about writing the car off, hope everyone is OK.

Surrealistrhinoceros Fri 15-Mar-13 06:49:17

Sorry - kiddy guardian pro fix is the name. More like £180 but it will take her all the way up to 12 and is top safety rated.

Surrealistrhinoceros Fri 15-Mar-13 06:50:41

Pps wont the insurance cover some of the cost of a new one? They did when someone hit the back of me and I had to replace DS's.

WickWackThurso Fri 15-Mar-13 06:51:26

Our triofix goes all the way through but is expensive. Very easy to use though.

Can you not claim on insurance?

pollywollywoowah Fri 15-Mar-13 07:56:01

Insurance won't cover the seats as we don't have the original receipts. Gutted.

Will check out those seats, thanks.

Only minor injuries from the crash thankfully - bruises and whiplash.

WickWackThurso Fri 15-Mar-13 09:09:32

Our insurance company was the same, so I asked the shop we bpught them from to provide a copy from their records and all was fine. Could you try that?

pollywollywoowah Fri 15-Mar-13 15:36:29

I have no idea where we bought them from or how we paid as it was over 4 years ago. We have moved house twice since then and I have cleared everything out both times so have just shredded that kind of thing thinking we'd never need them!

lagoonhaze Fri 15-Mar-13 22:07:09

I would be pushing harder for seats to be covered. Its not a policy term that you need to keep receipts is it?

I would recommend you keep her harnessed til 18kg as its safer.
If you want that seat to be a 123 type seat then isofix is better as when in hbb will keep the seat in place. Otherwise they are a heavy weight and a lighter hbb is better when belted only.

pollywollywoowah Sat 16-Mar-13 06:35:46

Yes it says in the policy documents that cover is only valid on production of original receipts.

We have a maxi cosi priorifix for dd and kidfix for ds in dh's car as we both do pick ups and drop offs depending on who's at work when, so have decided to make do with a bit of faffing around swapping them between cars for now. A lot of hassle given our working hours and shifts but need to get finances sorted really!

Hopefully we will be able to get the Kiddy seat in a couple of months. Or maybe dd will grow by 3kg and can get the kidfix!

Thanks for the advice thanks

lagoonhaze Sat 16-Mar-13 08:05:50

I wouldn't get the kiddy. See thread on this topic called which seat for info on why impact Shields are as safe as some think.

I'm off to find proof online of my car seat purchases.

PolterGoose Sat 16-Mar-13 12:05:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WickWackThurso Sat 16-Mar-13 13:17:57

I would be tempted to write to something like, complaining about the unrealistic expectations of your insurance policy, and the need to replace these seats with some as safe as your old ones (at least) and let them take it up for you.

pollywollywoowah Sat 16-Mar-13 15:28:53

polter the accident was technically my fault unfortunately.

Dh has remembered that we bought the first class in a Halfords store. But as this was four years ago I don't have any of the same cards that I had then so not sure they could help me.

I think we bought the other from Kiddicare or maybe mothercare online but my account is no longer registered with mothercare and kiddicare don't remember me either. I might phone them to see if they can trace anything based on delivery address.

wick good idea. Glad it's not just me who thinks it is a ridiculous clause. Bloke on phone said it is because of hugely fluctuating prices of some seats and they have to me sure what I actually paid not what current selling price is.

Hastings Direct by the way so not an unknown insurer.

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