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ERF - bringing your seat on holiday?

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galwaygirl Tue 05-Mar-13 09:39:46


Looking for advice from ERF users on what is best to do when going on holiday?

When visiting family in Ireland we are driving in situations where ERF is the most important, not city driving. No one in my family uses ERF seats so we can't borrow one. I could buy one to keep in my parents house but there are issues with that in it restricting who collects me and insisting on using it my sister's car as she could take it as a criticism of her decision to use FF seats for her toddlers.

I'm thinking that bringing our seat might be the best option? I can then hire a car or use it in whatever car we are in.
Is it possible to pack them up safely?
Our seat was shipped to the UK from Sweden originally so there must be a way to package them safely?

Would really appreciate any advice as this is actually making me consider not travelling home for a planned trip in April as I don't want DD FF but don't want my family eye-rolling about my anxiety etc. and having a big fuss about buying an extra seat to keep at my parents...


ElliesWellies Tue 05-Mar-13 11:53:14

Are you flying to Ireland? Check with airline as I think some will allow you to take a seat on-board to use during the flight. Would save on worry of packing it up, possible damage in hold, etc.

silverfrog Tue 05-Mar-13 11:59:40

how old is your dd?

as far as I know you wouldn't be able to take an ERF seat on board to use on flight - there are only a couple fo seats ok'd for use on flights, and ERF doesn't feature.

whenever we have been on holiday we have hired a seat with the car. yes, it meant no ERF, but with dd2, she was over 2 by the time she was out of her infant seat (she was tiny), so it didn't seem too bad to put her FF temporarily.

we did once pack up an infant seat (but no difference really between the seats for transport) to take with us when visiting dh' family in Scotland. we flew, and were being picked up by PIL and not hiring a car, so needed to do something.

we got a box large enough (need a surprisingly big one), packed the seat in bin liners, bubble wrapped it (using large-bubble wrap, not small tiddly bubbles) and then filled the remaining space with polystyrene chips - we had all this packaging material lying about though, so was relatively simple.

the seat arrived ok, all was fine (it nearly didn't fit in PILs car due to seatbelt length though!).

galwaygirl Tue 05-Mar-13 12:03:57

Sorry should have said seat would have to go in hold, DD is 21 months and it's a big seat. Airline are fine with us checking it on - am wondering about packing it safely really so thanks for the tips silverfrog.
Really torn about whether or not to just buy one to leave there!

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