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How old was your child when they first used high back booster seat?

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Disappearing Sun 03-Mar-13 23:09:07

What age did your DC move to a high back booster seat with 3 point belt?

My DS is 3.2 years old, we have 2 cars, in one we have an extended rearfacing seat (Klippan Kiss), in the other car he goes in a forward facing Britax group 1 seat with 5 point harness. My main problem is that he really fusses when going in either of these seats, he really really wants to sit in his big sister's high back booster seat with 3 point harness. He's big for his age and is easily over 15kg, I think he's probably 16-17kg in weight, and is almost too tall for the FF Britax.

My DD is a petite wee thing and didn't grow out of group 1 seats until she was much older, like 4.5 years old.

So my dilemma is that DS is heavy/big enough for a group 2, high back booster, but developmentally he seems too young, like he'll lean sideways out of the seat, wriggle etc. also after having spent so much on an extended RF seat, it seems wrong to give up on it now, I think DS would fit that one for another year anyway, but I've really had enough of the fussing and arguments, and we'd need to buy the next size up sometime anyway, might as well do it now?!

Flojobunny Sun 03-Mar-13 23:12:19

Mine were both 3, as they are much taller and heavier than average.
I suspect though if you put DS in his sisters type seat the novelty will soon wear off and he'll find something else to fuss over!

Disappearing Sun 03-Mar-13 23:15:22

Another thought - what age did your DC stop needing the high back booster, and just sit in the car without a child seat?

I have a 4yr gap between my 2 DC, but they're only about 15-20cm apart in height. I think at that rate it's unlikely that my DD will have outgrown our existing 2 high back boosters before DS will need them.

Flojobunny Sun 03-Mar-13 23:22:08

My DS is 7 yo old and the size of a 9 yo and still has the back on, but I was just wondering the other day of he was supposed to but I think it looks safer on with the head protection so I will leave it a bit long. DD is 4 yo and has been in hers at least a year.

Disappearing Sun 03-Mar-13 23:27:38

Thanks Flojo.

My 7 yo DD is happy to sit on a cheapo booster without the back/side/head protection, we have one for the odd occasion that we have another child to transport, so it occurred to me I needn't spend much at all to transition DS to the next size up seats, but of course I care about the safety, and crash test ratings aspect of this. Yet to buy another 2x Kidfix seats which is what DD has, would cost £300 ish. All because DS is fussing....

but of course, fussing or not, it does seem that there will be a time when both DC will need to be in a group 2 car seat at the same time.

We can't just move seats from one car to the other either, as our work/childcare logistics mean the cars are often not in the same place for days at a time.

lagoonhaze Mon 04-Mar-13 20:11:10

Safety wise you are better to keep him in the youngest seat possible as each progression is a step down.


TruthSweet Mon 11-Mar-13 13:52:58

DD1 didn't get a HBB until she was 5y (birthday present) but did sit in one as her spare from 4y. She'll stay in a HBB until she's at least 150cm (her seat is a Diono Monterey so should last).

DD2 is 5y 4m and ex.h in a TWE - I have no intention of moving her to a HBB until she out grows it (I'd guess around 6 - 6.5y) but does use a HBB as a spare.

DD3 is 3y 5m & is rfing in a Hi-Way II, she does have a ffing spare car seat but I wouldn't put her in a HBB unless there was no other option - she's only just over 15kg anyway. Ditto for her staying harnessed/rfing as long as possible before boostering at around age 5-6y.

Your son may be a fairly similar size to his sister but his bone development and his body proportions will not be -

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