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stage 1 carseat for audi a1 sportback (5dr)?

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onetwothreefourfive Sun 24-Feb-13 09:09:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

blondieminx Sat 23-Feb-13 23:53:58

Answers to questions like "where do their legs go?" are here

Search for "rear facing - the way forward" on fb as that site has loads of pics of bigger kids in rf seats.

I just don't understand whyyyyyy parents would choose ff seats when it is proven to be less safe for their DC confused

Don't forget that infant carriers tend to be more "closed in" than the next groups up, so visibility improves lots!

My friend has a little boy 6 weeks older than my DD, he is 3.3 now and off the red book scale for height, size 9.5 shoe etc...and he is comfy in the exact same seat we have.

omama Sat 23-Feb-13 23:40:16

Thanks i'll take a look at that seat.

I dread the thought of going back to rear facing - he absolutely bloody hated it, screamed & cried through every car journey we took, & it was so distracting it was imo dangerous. Stopped the instant we swapped him to ff.

Out of interest how on earth do their legs fit in rf once they get bigger anyway?

He's 2.5 yrs & weighs just under 13kg btw.

blondieminx Sat 23-Feb-13 23:01:57

Try the Britax 2-way Elite - we got ours from here and it was delivered very quickly.

Please read this and look at the graphic which shows why your child is safer in a rear facing seat

We also have this for tidily stowing a few toys and a drink.

omama Sat 23-Feb-13 22:51:58

Just ordered my new car grin BUT ds' maxi cosi tobi doesnt seem to fit securely due to the angle of the rear seat. We're going to try a wedge thingy but if it doesnt sort it we'll have to replace the seat.

Anyone else got 1 & what seat have you found that does fit? He's still below the weight limit for stage 2 so will need either 1 or 123.

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