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Recommendations for a Group 1 carseat, please!

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MolotovCocktail Fri 22-Feb-13 14:01:50


We're looking to buy a Group 1 carseat soon for DD2, who is 10mo.

What I'm after is one that reclines, has a removable/washable cover (and straps, if possible) and is comfy for my little squadge. Preferably one suitable for a girl, so an appropriate colour (DD1 is Disney Pincess bonkers so although it doesn't have to be princessy for DD2, something girly would be nice.)

There are so many to choose from, I'm interested in what others have found to be good. We went through a couple with DD1 (a Britax something-or-other and a Cosatto-something.) The Britax one was fab but the polystyrene head support broke, and I hated the Cosatto with a passion! (Too upright, straps didn't stretch adequately, fiddly buckle).

We would like to spend up to £150.


nicm Fri 22-Feb-13 19:01:52

Hi,I have a britax two way elite I got for ds1. Is great, lasts to about 5/6 years, is very easy to instal and has gone in every car I have put it in. It was £180. smile

xMinerva Sat 23-Feb-13 05:26:50

Britax two way elite (rear facing) here as well. Fab seat.

sshi Sat 23-Feb-13 06:50:48

Britax Two Way Elite, its easy to install, spacious and will last up to 5-6 years smile smile

MolotovCocktail Sat 23-Feb-13 14:12:45

Sounds good! Thanks for this - I'll check it out smile

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