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Britax Evolva, Recaro young sport or graco nautilus?

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Lifesagame Sun 03-Feb-13 08:21:19

We're after a group 123 booster with harness for our 2.2 year old. He's tall but not particularly stocky (13kgs at very most) but he's starting to look uncomfortable in the maxi cosi priori xp. We're also having trouble getting him in because of the way it makes his legs stick out, they seem to get caught on the front seat and its impossible to recline him as his legs get stuck.

I've used a britax evolva before and found it to be ok, just very wide and hard to install so it's rock solid. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of the other two seats and whether they are better?

omama Thu 21-Feb-13 22:51:08

Bump as i'm interested in any answers! We have a maxicosi tobi & are changing cars & looks like the seat wont fit the new car sad so looking for alternatives. Seems a waste to get another group 1 when ds is already 2.5.

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