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3 car seats in a Nissan Note. Anyone done this?

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addictedismoving Mon 07-Jan-13 10:59:30

I'm just looking at all our options, ie not buying another car!

I have a maxi cosy rear facing car seat, but can change this as long as its compatible to use with the Bugaboo Donkey.

I need 2 other carseats for an almost 3 year old (so will still need 5 point harness) and an almost 2 year old (another 5 point harness)

Anyone know of any slimline carseats? Or anyone done this themselves and managed to fit 3 along the back seat of a Note?

any suggestions greatfully recieved. Thanks

Sabriel Mon 07-Jan-13 22:01:30

I think you've got a job on your hands. My DD is 5 and in a high-back booster and when we need to squeeze 2 adults in with her it really is a squeeze. The middle seat really isn't a seat and with a babyseat on either side I really doubt there would be enough room between them. Sorry.

addictedismoving Tue 08-Jan-13 11:58:39

thats what I thought! but i thought I'd ask just incase.
I think we will end up putting an adult in the back middle seat and having a child i=on the front seat when we all go out together.

FrustratedSycamoreIsNesting Tue 08-Jan-13 19:49:38

Might be possible with a isofix base for the rear facing, but it will be difficult to reach the other buckles. But if 5 point harness, seatbelt won't need undoing.
We managed it with 2 5points and a bubblebum, (for occasional trips) but even then was a bit of a squeeze.

TuesdayNightDateNight Tue 15-Jan-13 13:21:58

I have a note as well and I think you will struggle initially.

Isofix for the baby seat might help, but I still think the only way you would manage it is with a bubblegum in the middle. Depending on the weight of your 3 year old, it might be possible for shorter journeys, and for when the 3 year old is older.

We have done a britax 123 (very wide seat) a maxi cosi rodi and a standard booster seat but it took about 20 minutes to get everyone in!

TuesdayNightDateNight Tue 15-Jan-13 13:23:26

I would try going to halfords or similar and try a few seats. The bonus of them all in 5 point harnesses is that you don't have to keep unplugging them!

notfarmingatthemo Tue 15-Jan-13 14:38:28

I have a bubblebum and a trunlki booster seat. The trunki seat is the very close in size once the child is sat on it. Millimetres difference but is so much easier to use. No threading seat belt through small clips

addictedismoving Thu 17-Jan-13 10:12:30

tuesday, thats good to know! dd1 has a maxi-cosy 123 and I didnt think I would be able to get 2 others in with that!

the trunki booster looks quite good, but is it designed for short emergancy trips, or can it be used long term?

I'm wondering if we could just put baby in front (with air bag turned off) and non driver inbetween 2 thinner 5 point harnesses. But then again, dd1 would be 3 when/if baby 3 comes along so she could probably be in a booster rather than a 5 point?

Its good to know it can be done, but I'd feel a little embarrised going to halfords and looking at car seats when I'm not actually expecting #3 just yet. Were ttc, but just wanted to be fully aware of what the cost will be of #3 (new car vs new car seats!)

TuesdayNightDateNight Thu 17-Jan-13 13:10:49

We regularly have an adult between 2 seats in the back. It's fiddly to get the belt plugged in but do-able.

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