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why do you have to switch combination car seats to forward face at 9kg?

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mybootsaremuddy Sat 02-Feb-13 15:35:40

It does look like a nice comfy seat thoughgrin.

mybootsaremuddy Sat 02-Feb-13 15:34:27

cjdj3 The frontier 85 is a harnessed booster for a child 2yrs+ weighing at least 25lb(around 11/12kg) and it is front facing only, so would not be suitable for the OPs DC as she is looking for somthing from birth+.

Also it is an American seat that has not been approved for use in UK so would therefore not be legal..... (not that anyone is likely to check but could invalidate your insurance or claim against other driver if in an accident).

cjdj3 Sat 02-Feb-13 03:16:08

Well, I would recommend the Britax Frontier 85. It is very reliable and from most of the reviews online I have seen, it seems to be very good. I know a friend who got one and he seemed to have no problems with it. Whenever he gave me rides, I would look back and see his baby sleeping in his cozy carseat smile. Anyway, if it were up to me, I would choose the britax frontier 85.

peanutMD Mon 07-Jan-13 10:39:51

The combination seats can be bulky in RF position and tbh don't actually fit safely in many cars.

We borrowed one from a friend when visiting. Whilst we were there we were offered a lift from a relative in a Clio and it didn't fit, it didn't fit securely enough in a Peugeot estate and in 2 taxis we had to turn it FF as the seat belts were too short atleast the seat was properly fitted.

This was the Britax Eclipse so if say if you can't guarantee what car you will be using and check the fit then it rally isn't worth your money to use as a RF seat.

lagoonhaze Fri 04-Jan-13 15:43:17 on why not to turn early.

lagoonhaze Fri 04-Jan-13 15:42:45

mmm I will contact mothercare about that as its not good practice and unclear.

Look at britax first class, graco junior mini and concord ultimax. Try and get to a local stockist to try them. Personally I dont recommend halfords who tried to tell me the britax fcp didnt think my car and to turn my 6mo ff...... ( was told were to stick his dangerous advice)

Ive seen britax on offer for £80 at times. Its a good seat. If it fits.

Rhubarb78 Fri 04-Jan-13 15:32:35

its this one,default,pd.html#q=madrid
It implies that you have to turn at 9 kg, will have a look at the britax one, £100 is my absolute max budget. ds is a small 10 month old but last weigh in was 8.3 kg so he is nearing the limit. thanks everyone

ShhhhhGoBackToSleep Fri 04-Jan-13 15:10:06

It's usually the earliest you can turn them round, not the right time IYSWIM. Rearward facing is 5 times safer so ideally you keep them rear facing as long as possible.

Which carseat is it?

BertieBotts Fri 04-Jan-13 15:10:02

You don't, there's an overlap in the groups. Group 0 goes to 10 or 11kg, and Group 0+ is up to 13kg.

So depending on what the weight limit is, you should be able to continue using the seat for longer. 9kg is the minimum weight that you can legally turn them forwards. You must not use the seat RF past the maximum weight stated, though, as it won't have been tested for this weight.

The "well known" brands like Graco, Maxi Cosi and Britax combination seats tend to be RF until 13kg, but the very cheap brands like Nania, Babystart, and some of the own branded ones are only until 10kg.

I would recommend the Britax First Class, it's RF until 13kg, and it has two belt routings which helps to avoid buckle crunch even when fitting in many different cars. You can usually find it on offer for around £100.

Other than this as a fellow non-driver, I really rate the Kiddy car seats with the impact shield as they're so light and easy to transport/swap between cars. They are more expensive though.

BranchingOut Fri 04-Jan-13 15:07:15

whoops this is the car seat forum - hopefully others will be along soon!

BranchingOut Fri 04-Jan-13 15:06:40

It is safer for children to be rear-facing for as long as possible. The 9kg is just the minimum age for a child to be forward facing, but unfortunately labels etc don't tend to spell this out.

Post on the car seat forum here for much more info.

Rhubarb78 Fri 04-Jan-13 14:58:41

I am looking at getting a combination car seat for ds who is 10 months as when his little brother or sister arrives i can use it for both if needed (obviously not at the same time). all the recommendations say rearward facing until 9kg and then forward facing after that. does anyone know why that is and if its safe to rear face for a bit longer as i am aware that is safer? I dont have a car at the moment so i cant afford or justify an extended rear facing seat as it will only be used when people give us a lift or we get a taxi, thanks

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